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    Olight SR90--What Happened To These?

    Just decided to crack open the pack of my SR-70 and try to swap the cells. Ripped the pcb wire to shreds but hey, nothing beats a good repair with thin copper plate foil :party: The hardest part is to get open the two very very sticky screws that hold the connections in place and keep the...
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    Olight SR90--What Happened To These?

    Thanks for reactingelectromage. a lot is changed nowadays with the new generation LEDs but still, I really like the simple and rugged design of this flashlight. I wouls like to see a dismantled battery however before just ordering cells. I will use all the available materials of the old pack and...
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    Olight SR90--What Happened To These?

    Do you know if there are flat top or button top cells inside? My battery is almost dead and I will be buying a kWeld welding machine for making a brand new 2s3p pack inside.
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    sunwayman t60CS not working on internal carrier with batteries

    Hi Thermal guy, Thanks for reacting. Dropping a small dot aluminium foil (pellet) in the empty battery enclosure resulted in a working light. The inner tube must be oxidatet heavily so cleaning it will resolve the problem i hope :) Kind regards Lightliker
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    sunwayman t60CS not working on internal carrier with batteries

    Hi All, Having a 6 year "old" sunwayman t60cs. Coming back from travel abroad, it doesn't operate at all on the provided carrier filled with 3 x 18650 cells. Connecting it directly to a car battery, the light switches on and works. I mesure 12.58Volts on the inner contact of the charging port...