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    Head lamp recommendation needed

    Manker E03H II (neutral white) On sale for around $24 at times. Red light to the right...
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    Armytek c2 promax weird charging

    My new C1 Pro operates like that also. Have to run it on turbo to burn some mah off to get it to top off. Wished it would trickle charge to top off... Design flaw in my book! Tail cap is stiff so don't like taking it off... Skilhunt H04 mini does that too to some degree. Since you don't have to...
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    AA light needed with details

    Run the 53 with a lith ion and it should be as bright as the SC5...
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    Opple Light Master III Bluetooth and App based lighting sensor.

    Got the Opple Pro for $20. The Apple app is 7 meg smaller 1.0.4 Build:6 so it's bellow Android Build 8 Doesn't have all the functions with an Apple Ipad or phone... Too Bad! I'll have to borrow an Android to see full function. Build 6 doesn't require location to do it's limited functions...
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    ZL H53 on 14500?

    Spreadsheet to help keep up with your custom settings on the SC53w
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    Any neutral or warm pocket throwers out there yet these days?

    Manker MC13 Ultra-Throw (maybe neutral ?) The BLF vers Osram led seems neutral to me...
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    AA light needed with details

    SC53w will rule! You can customize it to come on low with a click or a hold or a double click. 500+ lumen (with Lith Ion) and down to .013 and .07 and .31. Simple UI once you have it in hand. Nice floody beam with some kick. AA alkaline and eneloop pro or Lith Ion (although not advertise it...
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    Black Friday 2021: what light(s) did you purchase?

    3 Headlamps Sofirn SP40a 18650 & 18350 $21 Armytek Wizard C1 Pro Magnet USB warm LED using 18350 $41.40 Skilhunt H04 Mini High CRI ver Magnetic Recharge $36
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    ZL H53 on 14500?

    Thanks for the heads-up on this light! Ordered SC53w and it arrived in two days so they have them on hand even though it show's back ordered... The old style silver clip is smoother for me but the light works great on 14500's. On an eneloop pro this light is under powered with its fairly wide...
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    FIRE-FOXES FF5 XENON HID 10000lm 2000m Thrower Searchlight Flashlight

    Bulbs without the ceramic and wires installed are virtually useless... They did begin selling them correctly at the end of the FFIV
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    Any word yet on Firefoxes FF5?

    Selling flashlights is almost as hard as raising children, lol! I'm not involved and it's much easier cost wise to sell from overseas. I sent message to guy who made the previous versions FF4 - FF3 etc. to see if he is behind the new FF5. I'll report back if he answers or says anything.
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    VoltVamp Battery Drainer Giveaway

    I'm in. Thank you for the giveaway.
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    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    I'll be dang, the light came back to me Saturday. Took 47 days round trip. All fixed and back working. Looks like they repaired bad part on the driver and put some potting material on there back of it. The brass button where + battery resides looks used so pretty sure same driver... Light sat on...
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    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    Bought that thing 03/01/2010 and the replacement SC31 04/10/2012 so it lasted 2 years. Getting old! Took your advice and sent them a message... Checked receipt and mailed it to them 12/10/2018 so been out close to 6 weeks... Please add to my RMA file for repair of SC30 RMA (#201838281)...
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    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    Ah, I should have added a note to send the old light back fixed or unfixed if they replace it with a newer model. I have the newer models already and there is much to love on these old models you can't get or rarely see anymore... The switches are firm with no slack in the old models and they...