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    Best refrigerator?

    As I still check Sub_Umbra's threads on disaster preparedness, I hope you all will forgive a bit of thread necromancy by me providing an update to this advice. There are a number of additional options for performing the freezer to fridge conversion these days (as there is some popularity for...
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    Tactical EDC with lotsa lumens

    Still, thank you--I wasn't seeing it when I was doing searches myself. How has it been for you as far as EDC (if you've used it for that)?
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    Tactical EDC with lotsa lumens

    This looks like it should be about perfect for me! That's probably both the best and fastest answer I've gotten for a recommendation question. Thank you!!
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    Tactical EDC with lotsa lumens

    Looking for a powerful EDC (600 lumens minimum, the more the merrier, mostly throw-based; high candela desired) that I can pocket carry (so 6" max, ideally under 5") under $150, ideally under $100. Any kind of battery is fine. Will be using this in conjunction with a carry handgun for training...
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    Two warm/NW lanterns - available in USA

    Bushnell is claiming 2500 hours on ultra-low for that lantern--just how few lumens do they have it set at?! (Of course, they don't list any lumen rating but their max.)
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    New: high quality, warm tinted lantern!

    Probably worth me pointing out that the price listed for them at Bare Bones Living is now $50.
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    Streamlight Siege Review --- Now in neutral white! (September 2014)

    Fantastic review, Martin, thank you very much for the time you put into it, I am finding it to be a huge help. And the hack is just NICE.
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    Maximizing Runtime+Brightness Among Multiple Lights

    If I have multiple copies of the same light that has multiple modes of brightness, how do I best maximize their runtime and provided brightness: in series, or in sequence? To clarify by example: Assume we have 3 Streamlight Siege lanterns. Each runs off of 3 D batteries, and its manufacturer...
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    Fenix E12, ThruNite T10 Alternates

    I've heard about QC/breaking issues with these from other sites though. Apparently a lot of people's haven't lasted more than 2-3 months.
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    1xAA EDC - Budget Battery Camel

    My EDC, a Fenix E12, has been missing and since a couple weeks of looking hasn't turned it up, it's time for a replacement. Since this isn't the first light that's gone walkabout on my watch (fortunately the other one was just an E01), I don't want to spend more than $30 for one that might also...
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    EDC for use with concealed pistol

    Looking for a flashlight to use in conjunction with a concealed-carry pistol, in my off hand. I intend to EDC the light along with a Fenix E12, using the E12 for general lighting and this one for bumps in the night or needing light while out at night. A primary concern is having a stress-proof...
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    Power outage headlamp (long-lasting, low lumens)

    I don't know the first thing about battery hacking. Not sure how either the D25A or the N219 would fit in a headband with their length and forward-facing lenses. Thanks for the heads-up regarding low-level claims and the HL05 in particular. That's really a problem for me. So is the Ion's odd...
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    New: Fenix HL05, headlamp feeded by 2 CR2032 batteries

    Sounds legit. I've not begun walking the path of modding yet myself, so interface ends up being one of my biggest factors in light selection.
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    Power outage headlamp (long-lasting, low lumens)

    I am looking for a headlamp for use in a storm/power outage kit. One of my biggest considerations is having superb battery life in event of a prolonged outage. As this isn't intended to get much use outside of the power being out (and thus, minimal ambient light to ruin night vision), a high...
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    New: Fenix HL05, headlamp feeded by 2 CR2032 batteries

    I though this was going to be perfect at first glance as a light to keep stashed for a power outage. It has all the modes you really need for that--when the ambient light everywhere is gone, the moonlight modes really come into their own, and long battery life is king. It's a headlamp which is...

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