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    How close are you to having the lights you want?

    Yesterday I ordered Surefire G2X Pro dual output at 320 lumen, yellow colour. Now I think I am close enough having the lights I want. From the other hand flashes will never be enough.
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    ***Post Your Turbo Heads***

    Re: show your surefire Turbohead collection Fantastic collection and expensive too.
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    How did you start your flashlight(torch) collection?

    Since I remember myself I had always a flashlight with me. I started with Mag's 12 years old.
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    lights you regret buying? why?

    Every light I regret buying...I sold it! Because of weight or features or non well made.
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    Just got my SR52...

    You have NO problem at all, keep your cells. If you measure the voltage with mine multimeter may see 4.19V and with someone's else meter 4.21V. You have NO problem with 0.01-0.03V more or less.
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    What 3 lights do you like/use the most?

    Olight i3s Fenix TK35 and solarforce L2N.
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    Wow, why in the world do you carry a flashlight with you?

    Re: Why do you EDC a light? Because I live in village, because of my work (electronics) and because of my hobby (hunting). For me a flashlight is like a screwdriver.
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    Depends on everyday life of everyone and the place he lives. The answers will be different from each member here. Personally I need 3 small, something like Olight S20Baton, an other one like Fenix PD35 and a big one, like Fenix TK75 - Solarforce S2200 or similar.
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    Absolute brightest flashlight available

    You can also try the Solarforce S2200. Great light with great runtimes, lumens and distance.
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    If you only had one light?

    If I only had one flashlight I would be miserable...but if I had to choose only one...Fenix TK35 according to my everyday needs.