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    Myth Busted: Thermal Paste Beats Thermal Tape

    Not busted, I think... A 3% difference indicates that the die of the LED with thermal tape is almost 20C hotter than the one with grease, based on the junction temperature vs flux curve given in the Cree MC-E datasheet. Considering the MCPCB should be the main bottleneck, not the tape or grease...
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    Homemade MCPCB's with questions about the thermal conductivity of solder.

    Here: Wow, that stuff's expensive!
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    Which Charger?

    A hobby charger is tremendously useful. I think you can get a 12V power supply and a Turnigy Accucel-6 for not much more than a Pila IBC. It's faster and can charge basically any type of cell you can find, as well as discharge them. It's possible to rig it up so that you can charge up to 6...
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    10A Buck Switching Regulator

    This is an old thread, but I believe I have a way to make the LDO10C current regulated well enough for LEDs. The regulator voltage can be controlled by having an additional resistor and a voltage source connected to the trim pin. It's not too tricky to see how this works with the resistor...
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    Sold/Expired ******** H22A Heatsinks ********

    January is almost over, any new news/estimates about when the heatsinks will be done?
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    new set screw tool for Mag D switch

    It's really not that hard to do, I ground down a $2.50 Torx T8 from eBay with nothing but a small metal file. Took about 20 minutes (keeping the tip intact while getting rid of the taper was infuriating), and my hands are a bit sore, but all in all pretty easy.
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    Sold/Expired ******** H22A Heatsinks ********

    As will I! :D
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    need p7's led's

    Yes, it's 2012, switch to the XM-L. It's cheaper and about 30% more efficient. On a 10mm or 12mm board they're smaller than a P7, so you should be fine there.
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    Kiu Socket replacement

    Now that Kiu has stopped selling his ceramic bi-pin sockets for Maglites, what is the next best alternative for C size Maglites? Ideally there should be enough space for me to put a regulator underneath as well.
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    Mag 4D Incan Mod plan- Please feedback!

    Forget about using 14500s. They can only generate 1A safely, which is not enough for a stock 20W bulb, let alone an overdriven one. IMR 26500 (C-size) cells are the best choice if you want to have 5 cells. I'm not sure if a 12V MR16 will survive the 21V starting voltage though. The current...
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    Will we ever see a true end-user-programmable UI?

    I think if there must be a connector, it should be in the head next to the positive battery contact. Having rubber covers is not the best idea considering that it might break off if the flashlight is dropped/thrown onto the ground. Off the shelf interface cables aren't too expensive. FTDI's...
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    Will we ever see a true end-user-programmable UI?

    If there is space, there could be an IR transreciever next to the main LED for IrDA. That would make things much simpler, but it would require a larger hole in the reflector for the main LED, IR LED and IR sensor. Seeing how most reflectors already have large holes to account for their focal...
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    Will we ever see a true end-user-programmable UI?

    Although your first statement is true for computers, it is not true for many microcontrollers. At 1 to 20Mhz, internal flash is more than fast enough to keep up with the rest of the microcontroller. At higher speeds, microcontrollers often include some type of accelerator or cache to speed up...
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    Will we ever see a true end-user-programmable UI?

    Microcontrollers are not large at all! Take a look at the LPC1102, which is a minuscule ARM micro more than capable of handling flashlight duties. Boot time is typically measured in microseconds if there is no crystal or PLL to stabilize. Even then, it's under 20ms in the worst case. The main...