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    SF Z2-S: Pics and Thoughts

    The P60L wasn't that bad. It was available at a kind-of-okay price outside the USA with SF distributors, the tint is okay, and last-but-not-least I never managed to order a Malkoff creation due to demand or shipping options... (Also, I personally stopped with 3rd party drop-ins after my Lumens...
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    SF Z2-S: Pics and Thoughts

    I like the strobe on this one though the best flashlight with strobe+GUI was the Gladius. So, as a SureFire fan shifting my collection to 95% SureFire, I am very happy to have a Z2 with strobe now. Activating and using the strobe is quite easy on the Z2-S. I am kind of disappointed it's only...
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    SF Z2-S: Pics and Thoughts

    I recently got my Z2-S and aside a few very minor details (one scratch on the bezel; white glue "stuff" visible in the thread) it's a great light. I do not miss the ability to switch my new LED head to say my 6Z. (My 6Z is powered with a P60L.) I collect old-school KL heads and have two G2 as hosts.
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    Beyond words... :takeit:
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    2010 Flashlight Collection Photo Thread

    OMG. :sigh: :sick2:
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    Photo Time - Ti McGizmos & Their Ti Companions

    Can I play, too? :whistle: Chimento Ti bracelet McGizmo McClicky pack (E-Series compatible) w/KX2C Toxic Ti Hexbatons w/ quick release Zero Tolerance Knives 0300
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    So, that KX3 problem let me not rest: I just tried it on my 6Z and my G2 body. Now, I didn't realize that myself, but the KX3 works a little bit better on the G2 body (for which it was made). If you rapidly full-click, the 6Z does not really jump from mode to mode all the time. If you...
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    Collection SF - All Black! HA-BK that is...

    LOL. :D Love my black Kroma -- three sides only! :grin2:
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    I can't confirm that, as I have tried my KX3 on every 6P-compatible body I had -- and always used the original switch. (I always change batteries by taking off the head...)
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    Try using the G2D with a black G2 body -- great lego!
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    milkyspit Kromagnum- Kroma On Steroids!

    Is the switch a special from Milkyspit? Thank you.
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    SureFire G2D-FYL

    It does not look like HA-II black as used on the old KL3, but it looks more like a matte HA-III.
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    What is your current EDC?

    Why? I guess more like 50% when I look at all those shelf-queens here at CPF... :crackup: Nah, 110%. Any other outcome below would even embarrass the Dear Leader Kim...
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    What is your current EDC?

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    Show us your smallest EDC

    ARC Mania MJP Extreme Micro III (Cree XP-G R5)