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    SureFire R1 Lawman

    I thought the Lawman used their proprietary battery carrier in the light? If you have the original carrier you could potentially open it up very gently to have a look inside, chances are it's just a regular 18650 in it and not some other size. If it is an 18650 and it isn't spot welded into...
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    Bezel removal tool for a three-prong Hexbright Flex?

    I wish you the best of luck, if nothing else you might learn some more in regards to how to make it work.
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    Bezel removal tool for a three-prong Hexbright Flex?

    If you don't want to necessarily go through the issues of finding a specialised tool you could potentially just make one, a piece of a wooden dowel 24(+3mm) in diameter, fit it to the diameter as much as needed, then add something like toothpicks, plastic pieces, any other easy to work with...
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    trying to find current version of old light

    So it wasn't a Maglite? Or it was one, but with custom light engine?
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    Unlock bulb metal capsule of SA Lumin EX200R

    There's supposed to be a spring-loaded clip in one of the slots on the heads, push that in with something somewhat narrow and poky and you should be able to twist the "cup" off like a bayonet mount.
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    Nitecore i4 sliders won't slide

    Can you see any obstructions in the channels, or have you had any issues with the springs inside before?
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    Which Peak Keychain

    Having been using Peak's lights for years the Eigers won't let you down, they're simple and they'll take all the abuse you throw at them, especially in stainless. The El Capitan is also great, but i prefer that as a separate belt light rather than a keychain light simply due to how bulky it is...
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    User interfaces killed by feature creep?

    Over the years i've come to mostly appreciate 3 different user interfaces, but it depends so much on the controls of the flashlight as well. For mechanical switches i prefer and on-off and an e-switch if there are different modes, think Fenix PD35. Electronic ones i like Andúril, or the Olight...
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    Fill Gap in Button Top with Epoxy?

    How are the button tops attached, as an integral part of the battery or spot-welded onto the positive contact?
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    What do you think flashlights will look like in the future?

    The main thing i can see affecting affecting flashlights in the future would be battery capacity, the heat build-up from the light emitter, and throw characteristics. Most flashlights today are of a tube type because it's the easiest to manufacture and it fits the vast majority of battery...
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    Adding checkering / texture to Surefire E2T Tactician head

    Where on the head would you put it? I've always used the slots in the head for extra grip when needed, if you have the first version with 6 slots that might be harder though.
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    Battery vampire???

    How low do you want it to go? An old Minimag on 2 AA and a 3mm 3V LED will suck out a lot of power and give enough light at night, or an old Maglite 2D with an 8mm LED and AA to D adapters, although chances are with both of these that you'll get enough light but not use up the batteries. I had a...
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    Recommendations on a period light for my Jurassic Park build

    Tektite lights would fit in, as mentioned the Surefire 6P would as well. Maybe it'd be worth looking for old handheld searchlights from back then too on thebay etc. where they come up at times.
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    Recommendations on a period light for my Jurassic Park build

    Do you want to make it just look authentic on the outside and with its function, or do you want it to be an actual flashlight from that period to get it just right?
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    SF Fury DFT Tactical tailcap spring fell off???

    Do you have a picture of the spring and inside of the tailcap?