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    Yet Another Tedious EDC Recommendation Request *yawn*

    +1 on the Zeb! All time fav w/ me, the 6x series is the best!
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    [Review] - Wuben Gecko E61- Rotating Penlight with interchangeable tips - by Lock

    Inkless pen is for paperless replies! :laughing:
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    Is Lumapower still in operation?

    A quick look see via the Google machine says: Yes, Lumapower still alive! :twothumbs Their website lists a variety of lights and parts as well. Incendios are available and I can commend then unreservedly. Super small w/ a (proper) forward clicky switch. Very easy to mod too. My Incendio...
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    Great review,thank you! I wonder when Nitecore will figure out Ultralow as sub-lumen? :confused: Edit:I see the Tiki LE has a 0.8 lumen Blue. (It's start!)
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    Sold/Expired M*g D Tail Cap McClicky Switch By Fivemega

    Thank you for the pictures! Tim
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    Sold/Expired M*g D Tail Cap McClicky Switch By Fivemega

    Can you post a pic of the black and gray Tail Caps? or PM me with pic(s)? Thanx, Tim
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    Think for a moment. What is your favorite flashlight?

    I have a number of favs,why keep 'em around if they aren't a favorite! But he one I use and carry the most...Zebralight SC62d!
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    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Now available...Where? :thinking:
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    sportac XHP35 P60

    Syerfire? :confused:
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    Folomov EDC C1

    What the...? The clip is on the WRONG end! :oops:
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    4Sevens Mini Turbo MKIII

    Magnets? We don't need no stinkin' Magnets! :shakehead
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    4Sevens Mini Turbo MKIII

    I believe there was talk of an optional accessory non mag tail cap "available at a later date" or you can always kill the magnet with judicious application of heat!