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    Olight UI opinions needed.

    I understand. I just feel like the Warrior Mini could be the perfect EDC light for my individual needs. I was hoping more people would be on board. (Enough people to get Olight to consider alternative UI's) I'm new to this forum so please excuse the fact that I don't know the ropes. Are there...
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    Olight UI opinions needed.

    Hello, new to here. I have been referencing Candlepowerforums for all the great reviews and information for the past few years. I finally joined because I really want everyone’s opinion. Hopefully we could get enough people together that Olight would offer an alternative UI on the Warrior mini...
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    Recommend me a high cri headlamp

    I've been using the Fenix HL-55 for a couple years now. It literally goes on my head when I get home from work. (Night shifter) Works with button or flat top 18650's. It has all the features you request and you will not be disappointed!