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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Aleph 1 head + FluPic ES-Can w/TWOH + E2D body + clickie

    Re: For Sale: Aleph 1 head + FluPic ES-Can w/TWOH + E2D body + clickie I'll take it!! :sold:
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    Sold/Expired 3x18650

    The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Even unprotected cells are about 1.2mm larger in a triple group than the OUTSIDE diameter of the Mag tube, its utterly frustrating. If the Mag tube were 5mm larger so many more choices would work. The only light that can do 3x 18650 is Fivemega's big body 6AA light...
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    Sold/Expired Mag Reflector

    Borofloat high temp glass was intended for high temperature incan lamps. What you want is a UCL (ultra clear lens) from It is its namesake, water white with an anti reflective coating to maximize light transmission by eliminating reflections, almost 10% more efficient than...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD* Pewter 2C Mag nFlex 3x123 TWOJ *SOLD*

    I will say this. Probably the most fun I have had with a "big" light was my first LED Mag conversion, expertly built by Sway. A 2D TW0K nFlex, it just floored me with its versatility and runtime. I just want to chime in and say anyone who is lucky enough to have one of his builds will be quite...
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    Sold/Expired FS: New Cutdown Minimags w 20mm IMS - Updated

    PP sent for 2 cutdown 1AAs and 1 CR2 MM. I LOVE the extension tube idea!!!! HUGE thumbs up for that!!!! When can I get mine!?!?!?1
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    Sold/Expired Sold: 6/4 Titanium tailcap, guarded (shell only)

    Re: FS: 6/4 Titanium tailcap, guarded (shell only) Scott, IF you make any more of those consider them SOLD. I'd take 2!!! BTW any other Ti parts in the pipeline, consider me pre-sold on those! I've already got my entire setup focused around your light body / battery tubes. The Tranquility Base...
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    Sold/Expired ***SOLD*** FS: MM Tri Lux 3xUX1K 2D Mag (uses 2xD alkaline and NiMH cells)

    Re: FS: MM Tri Lux 3xUX1K 2D Mag (uses 2xD alkaline and NiMH cells) Interested PM sent :grin2:
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    Sold/Expired 4D-625

    Its a nifty idea. Ordinarily, lets say this time last weekend, I would have leapt at this thread and offered to build you one. After my incident with the exploding primary CR123s I really have lost my nerve when it comes to running more than 3 amps through a circuit, especially for an incan...
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    Primary Lithium battery explodes!

    My GOD!! Most importantly I'm glad to hear your wife and you are intact if a bit rattled by this terrible incident, no injuries. I really hope you got changed the air in that room fast and didnt breathe any of that stuff any more than what was unavoidable. Also, HANDLE EVERYTHING WITH RUBBER...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Black CPF Lionheart #002

    Congratulations LouRoy!!!! I just had to comment because my very first "expensive" custom light was a CPF edition Lionheart #092. Its the very one that started a tidal wave of interest in LED lights, and when the wave rolled back out to sea it took my retirement fund with it! I got the same...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: 3x123 Balrog Body ***SOLD***

    Re: WTS: 3x123 Balrog Body (Surefire E Series and Aleph Compatible) I'll take it! :sold:
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Arc LS with royal blue Luxeon III

    I was just going to suggest Carpe Diem.... he's got some extraordinary monochrome Arcs. Craig, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the tremendous amount of enjoyment I have derived from your personality in your work, the LED Museum site has been a mainstay for over a year now. Not to...
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    Why should I chose the SW02 over the Z48 switch?

    Looks is a big part of it. But caveat emptor: buyer beware! -- the SW02 is quite pricey. On a whim I bought a pair of them when they were on sale at Gander Mountain for $25, lowest price I had ever seen. When I started using it however, this is important, the switch body is so large I had...
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    ROAR of the Pelican (CR123 Explosion during use, firsthand account)

    PLUS ONE on those words, the second sentence highlighted is the reason I'm glad it happened, especially that I have the benefit of first hand experience with this "demon" . I lingered over the Pelican M6 exploding thread many months ago, it gave me the willies, but ultimately I concluded "this...
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    ROAR of the Pelican (CR123 Explosion during use, firsthand account)

    Minjin, The front glass shattered violenty when the second explosion took place. I heard the glass breaking sound the same instant I saw the muzzle flash looking fire exit the tailcap. Apparently the shockwave from explosion was sufficient to cause the front window's demise. It took some head...