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    How to Stop a Converted Unregulated 9-LED Flashlight using 3 x AAA to 18650 from Burning Out

    I was saying diode caps and resistors can all be used to do current limiting but the one that should be used is a resistor I believe one for each led as if it like the ones I had the led are being direct driven in parrallel through the outer case so loads of bad paths and only mediocre...
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    How to Stop a Converted Unregulated 9-LED Flashlight using 3 x AAA to 18650 from Burning Out

    Fresh lithium primaries about 1.7v each unloaded so 5.1v on a load that is about 20mA fresh alkaline typically hit 1.6 unloaded and since the cheap led are most certainly not loading them unless they are half dead when put in 4.5v is best case What is burning the leds in this case is the fact...
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    Best batteries for seldom used flashlights

    The leak proof guarantee only means they will buy you a new one when your whatever gets ruined when you need it. So say you go with alkaleakes It sits and sits then you go to use it and doesn't work Now you are in a no light situation and it doesn't work you open it and white crusty powder with...
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    When and how a 18650 li-ion battery will eventually die?

    Eventually the battery will refuse to charge or charge too quick and either self discharge or discharge quick. They can get hot when charging. And that is actually a sign the internal resistance has increased to dangerous levels. If it gets hot it can off gas hydrogen and it could get hotter as...
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    Basic Long Lasting Light

    I have a self built convoy S2 I would advise not getting one of these as a first light they can be a bit temperamental and mine gets hot quick I would definitely recommend a good name brand light. Especially if you want something reliable that you can EDC. honestly i have a thorfire TG06S i...
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    Basic Long Lasting Light

    18650 too easy I have a solar force l2p body I put a xhp35 single mode drop in into 1600 lumen 1 18650 what I would grab is something like this it has provisions for charging directly comes with battery keep it around the 600-800 lumen level...
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    My 2021 Search

    Was 59 when posted is now 75. This time of year I would put in wishlist and watch for a price drop while looking at other models.
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    My 2021 Search

    18650 li-ion cells are starting to become available at stores. I found 2 packs in the garden center at Walmart. You want blinding then we are talking 1500+ lumen momentary with options to go to 500-800 for several hours and 100-200 for longer firefly mode optional. My advise...
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    How do you explain this Hobby?

    Hand them a light to see. They might have misunderstood flashlight for their misconception of what they think is a flashlight.
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    6V "Lantern" Battery Lights - History? Anything good?

    I have Rayovak Lantern Sportsman 360 Large Camping Lanterthatus 4 of those bad boys I have been planning on modding it to run off a Lipo and I may add USB ports to charge phones off it in addition to changing,the florescent to led.
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    Best batteries for seldom used flashlights

    His only option is lithium primaries. Everything else either leaks or loses charge over time 1. L91 l92 and 123 lithium primaries (only option that ticks the boxes. 2. Alkaline w/disposable light while keeping in mind it might not work when needed. 3. Rechargeable doesn't matter the chemistry...
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    Alkaline brand least likely to leak?

    never seen nimh or lithium leak explode yes vent hydrogen yes technically heavy duty batteries are carbon zinc
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    Most powerful EDC flashlights?

    i have a solarforce l2p with a xhp 35 1800 lumen engine in it runs off 1 18650.
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    Blinding properties incan vs. LED

    For when I really want to blind someone I have a mhp35 drop in in my solar force body. 1x 18650 1800 lumen of brilliant white light not blue 6500k 5000k white cool with no blue light. Can only run for a couple min before the body gets too hot. Never going back to incan.
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    Best light under $300 that will light up a football field

    300 is a pretty big budget and lets you pick from a rather wide array. it would be more helpful if you had some runtime or size requirements. Imalent ms06 looks good for 199 the LR40R also looked good to me.