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    Toothless E2DL

    You're very welcome jimbyjimb.
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    Sold/Expired *Withdrawn* E2DL

    Re: WTS/WTT E2DL Ultra .....
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Surefire E2D body and tailcap

    By the way, here is some info for whoever may be interested: If you would like to know if a flashlight body would accept a 17670 or an 18650, and you don't have one of the batteries present, here is a simple way to do it... 17670 To check for the 17670 battery, simply roll the END of a...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: SUREFIRE E1L w/ two-way clip

    Re: WTS: SUREFIRE E1L w/ two-way clip $109 shipped Well, it's time for a bump for a CPF member who is an absolutely EXCELLENT member to do business with.
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    Toothless E2DL

    Well, it looks like it's time for a Happy New Year to the CPF crowd, especially the great members I've dealt with.
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    Cheers to tobrien.

    Re: Cheers to tobrien. Well....I have to add to this thread. Credit is due where credit is deserved. :thumbsup:
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    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    The fact that it is consistently turning on and off would tell me there isn't much wrong with the CONTACT. I would suspect the lack of level change to be within the software, as that is what's programmed to control the levels. I'm not sure how you have contacted SF, but a phone call to the...
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    New Surefire e1d led defender?

    What skyfire had to say in reply #383 is correct. One thing I'd like to mention for you, I absolutely DO NOT recommend boring a SureFire E series body to accept an 18 mm battery as the body wall under the head end O-ring is too thin for it also. Yes, there are machinists that bore the E...
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    Toothless E2DL

    YIP. PM sent.
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    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    Hmmmm. I can't help but wonder if what you received is actually a "REAL" SureFire Titan-A ?!?!?!
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    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    To dry it out, you could just put the head in an oven at 100 degrees for a couple of hours. That's nothing more than a hot day in the glove box of a vehicle. With the body removed, it would probably dry out just fine.
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    Sold/Expired E1D LED Defender - SOLD

    Well bartko09, Here is what it's about....Some people walk at night in the hood and want a bright, face ripping bezeled light handy. However a lot of people like the "bright beam on first" aspect of the Defender model lights for OTHER purposes, such as user lights for working at night and...
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    How do you stop scratching on bottom of cell from switch spring?

    Yes, TWO needle nose pliers work great for that mod. I've done that several times as it is quick, easy, and works perfect.... and I NEVER found it necessary to disassemble a switch for that mod as one plier holds the spring in position, and the other bends the battery scratching end down...
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    Toothless E2DL

    As to what was involved with this modification, ForrestChump definitely made the "joy to work with" apply to both sides. :thumbsup: