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    Looking for 2x20700 Goldilocks Host

    Hopefully I can offer some advice to assist or least some general opinions. 1) To be honest I like a 9AN better than the 9N in how it fits my hand. I have very large hands and while the 9N has a larger diameter overall it lacks the knurling the 9AN body does. Plus I like the flats on it's...
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    Poor man's McE2S?

    To the OP I would recommend you might want to look in to the "Lightsaver Miser" E series switch. Its an electronic switch but does have some shortfalls. Like a strobe function but depending on the circuitry used maybe it could be modified? Anyways, just an idea.
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    Surefire M3

    Sure looks like one of Dave's by looking at the end of the reflector where the pill screws into. My own version has a longer/deeper pill section. Another way to tell is if the pill will unscrew. All of the ones I have gotten from Dave have the pill glued in.
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    KX9-A tear down and mod!

    Sounds like an interesting mod. Footprints are the same. The only questions I have might be the performance due to the slight variances in the dome geometry and the XHP being a 4 die LED. However using the TIR optics neither might be an issue. Have you decided on what driver strikes your fancy?
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    Surefire E1e replacement lens?

    I didn't book mark the one thread I remember having the info you seek here on CPF but have the data for most SF lenses written down. If you are seeking the flat lense size for the incan head on either the E1e/ E2e series or the KL1 LED head the size is 22.42mm dia x 2.70mm thick. That's the...
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    lipo charger. do or don't ?

    That looks like it ought to do the job. Just make sure you don't charge/ discharge, even for 10 or 15 minutes, using anything higher than 1 amp until you thoroughly check out the temp of the springs and ends . Maybe not even that high. From the looks those cell holders look/ appear to be the...
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    Today I learned why not to trust a cheap light

    It's a term typically used to describe that the designed board components are held in place with some type of diaelectric material with the intent to restrain them from mechanical shock or displacement from movement after being subjected to forces that could effect their normal functioning or...
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    Wanted maglite d cell tail cap switch

    The FM version uses an easily replaceable McClicky switch?
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    Surefire M3 CombatLight LED Conversion?

    If doing your upgrade on a budget look no further than Lumens Factory. Mark has several towers that will work as direct replacements to your MN10 or MN11 your using now. BTW that's a very nice condition early head on that M3 of yours. Typically a M3T indicates its a turbo head (KT4). A LED for a...
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    Sold/Expired Lots and Lots of AA Rayovacs

    I'll take a batch of 130 if the well hasn't run dry? Otherwise put me down for another run. PM me.
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    Help regarding driver efficiency calculations

    I think your misplacing the decimal point for amperage? 143mah should be calculated as .143 amps using a common online calculator. Your wattage would then be .3961 At least that's how I see it
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    Help Identifying a Cyclops and Surefire Please

    Update. From a bit of minor searching the part model number appears to be CYC-XCF but that's for the later series with a clip. Your lights and mine look to be of an earlier production so the true model number is still unclear...
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    Help Identifying a Cyclops and Surefire Please

    First off welcome to CPF! You've come to the right place for information and folks sharing with you their experiences and knowledge. I have several of those very lights myself but for the life of me I have long forgotten what the model number is? I do know hey haven't been made in awhile. As...
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    lipo charger. do or don't ?

    The link that vicv posted is one of the best do it your self tutorials here on CPF. Follow that one for basic procedures and general build ideas. As far as parts to make your 606i ac/dc work with the internal balancer all you need is a multi adapter board, there are a bunch to choose from...
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    Tailcap help

    You know it just occurred to me your problem could have nothing to do with the Z58 tailcap. A few months back another member couldn't get his M3 to work when switching between different tailcaps and it turned out to be the center spring on his incan lamp. I don't remember if he was using a MN10...

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