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    Return of the Lunasol?

    It’s not Don But Dan from Maui who is doing some awesome work with these. He’s also on Facebook and IG under the same name.
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    Some PD McGizmo love.

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    Sold/Expired SOLD! Hanko, McGizmo, Mac, and Tain Lights

    Re: FS: Hanko, McGizmo, Lummi, Steve Ku, and Tain Lights I’ll take the Lunasol please
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    Some PD McGizmo love.

    I carry the McLux III aluminum the most but when I want to feel special I’ll bring these out haha
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    Some PD McGizmo love.

    Good lights I’ll say
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    The New Acquisitions

    Nice combo of lights. They cover a good range
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    Re: Lock-out oddity Sapphire 007 Sorry, never happened to me before. Try emailing Dave
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    Sold/Expired Veleno Zirconium Set plus ALL SOLD!

    Re: Veleno Zirconium Set Price?
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    Spy 005 vs Spy 007

    Awesome side by side photos.
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    What happened to Data?
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    What happened to Data?

    He’s still here [emoji51] there is also a Facebook group for CoolFall. Slightly more activity there.
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    Belated Happy Birthday Data!

    Haha happy belated birthday Dave!
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    Picture of your GIZMO !

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    SPY Diffusor option

    Nice idea I bored out the inside of this Olight diffuser. +1 for it being GID too haha
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    Why so inactive?

    We’re still around. This is yesterday’s pair I had with me