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    LUMINTOP THOR I LEP 385lm 18350 1200m Flashlight Group Buy - Interest Check

    I wonder if the head is thread compatible with anything else?
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    I love my Zoomie

    My most used light is a heavily modded ultrafire u-f10. Custom lexel driver with an xpl hi produces up to 1000lm. And I had it bored for a 18350
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    D65 "Video White" and High CRI Flashlights - Mind Blown!

    After multiple tries and errors in the range between 3700 and 6500k I am now sure that the true white is at no less than 6500. I do admit that 4000K is much easier on the eyes, but we are talking white here. I am looking forward to trying 7000K and cooler tints in 95+ cri
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    LUMINTOP THOR I LEP 385lm 18350 1200m Flashlight Group Buy - Interest Check

    perhaps 10x wrong estimate on the lux
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    What are your favorite LED emitters, why?

    My EDC mule is based on a combination of 3x 5000K and 3x 6500K optisolii so it should be around that high noon 5700K cct. This is a great! tint. But the perfect one is the pure 6500K one. I am waiting for a quad mcpcb with these leds to arrive and eventually replace the above-mentioned mule
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Cleaned, sorry
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    Wanting an Amber LED flashlight, what Amber LED would be best?

    A broad spectrum warm white is entirely different thing than the amber which is nearly monochromatic.
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    up to the top
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    18350/18500 Battery Compartment Pre-Sale

    Instead of a sleeve which would be immediately lost, I d prefer a pack of very cheap disposable friction tubes mostly for cr123 cells.
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    So hard to find a good high cri light nowadays

    I have a 6x optisolis mule, 5700K. 3x 5000 + 3x 6500. this is a fantastic tint but I think I prefer the 6500k. nothing has been better to me than that in any case, the optisolis is head and shoulders above the e21a at any cct
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Prices reduced
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Shipment with tracking costs me $7, but all the prices are inclusive of the shipment. I just wanted to explain price structure for the pills, that is why I mentioned shipment cost.
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Prices adjusted
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    This^ Amended the ad though

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