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    ReviewTheLight: Crelant 7G5MT T-Rex

    T rex is just the name of the light. It uses the MT-G2 emitter.
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    XTAR XP1 Hummingbird charger - Li-Ion / Ni-MH / Ni-Cad

    This charger could be a big hit in the e cig market
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    need some help on charging 18650's

    Get your money back. It seems you have a fake PILA and a suspect battery.
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    Holster for Thrunite Scorpion

    I'm currently running a Supbeam T10 (same light) with an attached turbo head. Crelant has a holster that works bezel down. It's adequate but not what I consider optimum by any stretch. The non turbo head will fit in a Bianchi brand chemical holder. You may need to just check around, an oversized...
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    New Chargers of XTAR. XP4 and WP2s

    It can be ordered from the factory either way with or without car adapter
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    Xtar 18650 Question

    This is a newer offering by Xtar. It is a lower price alternative to the Sanyo - Panasonic based cells. Xtar still offers the better cells.
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    Review of Charger Xtar WP2s

    Re: Review of Review Charger Xtar WP2s Great review as usual
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    Law enforcement

    Hard to beat the XT11, I have one and use sometimes on the duty belt.
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    Review: XTAR UL1 Multi-usage Mini USB Light

    My car has a factory in console USB port, I use the light in the car on lowest to illuminate the console area.
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    Duty light help

    This week I am carrying the Supbeam T10, same exact lihht as the scorpion with a permanently attached turbo head. The search for the perfect duty light never ends
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    British Bobby

    XT11, great design
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    What's a Good, Cheap Voltage Meter?

    I purchased a cheap Innova 3300 off Amazon. It does the job.
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    XTAR TZ20 Platoon Review (XM-L U2 | 1x18650)

    This is the DIY chart that Xtar supplied in the instruction manual. [/URL][/IMG]