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    Mahi head with Osram

    Yes, you are correct.
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    Heads up advisory: Haiku Xp-G2 and Haiku High CRI

    As F89 commented, yes.
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    Haiku Hive default voltage

    Hi guys, I admit I am intimidated and I think to slow to master the programming of the HIVE so I have stayed away from it. Rush has provided me with more of the converters and some of them are set from the get go for RCR123 so will throttle down to a lower level sooner than the previous...
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    The Titanium "Haiku"

    Thanks for your observations and comments! The primary ground path is through the lip of the battery tube into the rear shoulder on the E-Can. The tight seat of MCPCB against the shoulder of the head is primarily intended as a thermal path from MCPCB to head.
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    AquaMule and AquaRam 18650 lights ** Terra versions added**

    The geometry is too far off for such a mod.
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    McGizmo: Available Lights, Pricing and Ordering Info

    12-1-21 Hi guys, I received a baatch of the HIVE converters today so I can now again build lights using them.
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    The Titanium "Haiku"

    Yes, same paks fit all of the E-series heads (Mule, SunDrop, Haiku, Makai, Mahi)
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    McGizmo: Available Lights, Pricing and Ordering Info

    9-25-21 I added a note to the first post that I have now run out of the HIVE converters and likely will not have more until the end of November. I have all the other components still being offered but without the HIVE converters, I am quite limited on complete lights to offer. So Sorry!!
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    Figuring out next lights and batteries

    For some reason this never showed up in the list of posts or I just missed it! I have responded via e-mail. I know there are members here who are much better versed in the Li-Ion battery options and fits than I am. It is disappointing that some batteries are not even close to the sizes one would...
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    McGizmo: Available Lights, Pricing and Ordering Info

    8-4-2021 Hi guys, The information in the first post above is still correct. I just wanted to post an update here to confirm this information. In a nut shell: In the E-series group there is the Mule, SunDrop, Haiku, Mahi and Makai heads and the paks you can use with them are the 16340 (1x123)...
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    McGizmo lights.

    Hi guys and sorry for being so late to this thread. Thanks to all who helped here! As stated, the only 18650 lights are the Aqua and Terra paks coupled with either the Mule or Ram head designed for the two paks.
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    Repair or warranty algorytm

    e-mail is how to contact me. dmcleish(at)
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    Warning against McGizmo clips

    I have these clips made for me from a factory offshsore. I import them and sell them wholesale.
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    High CRI and its significance

    I would like to see sunlight spectrum and moonlight spectrum set some new standards and of course you have sunrise and sunset spectrums as well as clear sky and clouds with their influence on the spectrum.
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    Standing wave of Sapphire 25's , GS and now High CRI