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    Emitter swap: XR-C to ???

    Looking to upgrade an old lantern with a new emitter. It is on a 17mm board and labeled as 'Xlamp 7090.' No idea what bin it is, got the XR-C spec from the packaging. What sort of replacement emitter should I be looking for? Given the shape of the dome in the lantern, I'd like to keep the...
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    Will Malkoff M60 fit SureFire M952 flashlight?

    Yes. Remove the black plastic ring on the base of the neck/shoulder that the poster above me is a referring to. Use the Malkoff washer and it will work fine.
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    Surefire M900/M910 Question...

    Yup. Even my M951 is pretty aged for this day. My beef with the M900/M910 series is that the vertical foregrip (really a great idea on a carbine) is too close to the LED head and it makes you do the 'beer can' hold on the vertical foregrip. For example: The vertical foregrip grip in the...
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    SF Doublehead light/laser weaponlight?

    G&P product number 577D,
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    My new SF M952

    Did you take the plastic ring out of the LU60 adapter? If not, it won't work and will stretch.
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    My new SF M952

    Probably because ARMS owner **** Swan will sue anything that breathes. What would be pure win would be a joint LaRue + SureFire offering (direct from SureFire). EDIT: As for now I'll just use my junky 951 screw threads...
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    My new SF M952

    Bingo. That's what you need. It'll work.
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    My new SF M952

    I've been using my Malkoff M60 in an m951 for months now... using Gene's little adapter bit. No problems so far. No dremeling either; it's completely stock.
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    New Surefire E2DL 200 LUMENS?!?!

    My Alpha prefix serial number E2DL, advertised at 200 lumens, has a draw of 0.59A from the tailcap at 7.2 volts (2x RCR123s).
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    New Surefire E2DL 200 LUMENS?!?!

    My E2DL, which came advertised in the box as 200 lumens, has an Alpha prefix. Methinks the Alpha/Bravo prefix on the serial number is rubbish.
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    questions... U.S. Navy diving lamp.

    Called "battle lanterns." Several threads around here on them. And yeah, not really meant to be submerged, but are reasonably water resistant.
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    Quark Tactical 123x2 on a shotgun?

    Agreed. I have at least 4 dedicated weaponlights... which is more than I have in terms of normal flashlights, go figure. Dedicated means devoted. Devoted means properly designed, properly maintained, and properly practiced. By the way, my X300 is 1/2 the cost of my pistol it is mounted to...
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    Quark Tactical 123x2 on a shotgun?

    SureFire. Built from the ground-up for these sorts of purposes. With a proven track record of making quality attachments for weapons, there won't be a problem. Don't skimp if you are trusting it with your life. I would not recommend using a 'removable' light for a shotgun. Get a fixed...
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    Help choosing Shotgun light

    Well, the stock is a Magpul MOE stock, run off a Mesa Tactical Enidine recoil buffer. The TPS has a slot for AR-15 style receiver extensions, and therefore stocks. Well, it depends on what you want to run for your light. My carbine has the Malkoff M60 (standard ~250 lumens), but for the...
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    Help choosing Shotgun light

    Here is my heavily modified FN TPS (read: A modified Winchester 1300 to begin with) I agree with everyone about getting the standard incandescent 636 fore end assembly and then putting in a Malkoff dropin. One thing I did notice with the Winchester 1300 action is that it breaks open...

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