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    Assistance in site development

    Hi all! I need your help. I want to move my business to the Internet. The functionality of the site is almost ready. But I have a question about web design. How important is it that the site has a unique design or can I use a template version? This affects only the appearance or site promotion...
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    Ham Radio

    I was trained as a network technology specialist - we were trained in radio technology as well. But I ended up becoming a software developer. Now I specialize in Node.js ProCoders.
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    Knives I made

    Can you tell me please, what kind of wood do you choose for the handle?
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    Camping Mattress

    A great mat is the Sea To Summit Air Sprung Comfort Plus Mat Regular. It has two independent inflatable layers. The bottom layer keeps out the cold, and the top layer provides comfort for your back.
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    A pointer on scribes

    Thank you for sharing this pencil, wonderful work!
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    Dive LIghts By Packhorse

    I'm sorry, why do you want to redo it rather than buy a new one?
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    Not new, hello from Hong Kong

    Welcome, good to see you!
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    Headlamp for Backpacking

    Can you tell me about the fit on your head? Does it leave fingerprints on my head or is it a comfortable fit?
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    I've read that because of its small size, some users are not comfortable holding it in their hand. How do you feel about it?
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    Joining in from British Columbia

    Thank you very much for describing the merits of this flashlight in great detail. I thought the blue, purple hue might get in the way a little too.
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    Joining in from British Columbia

    Hi, everyone, very happy to join your forum. By the way, you wrote that you used an ML300L. I've read positive reviews about this device, what do you think?

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