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    Repairing a Fenix PD10-TI

    Well, till the glass fully breaks or crazes I'm going to leave it alone. I got a PD10 from Fenix without the TI so if I can get both of them apart I could use the glass but it doesn't appear to be a screw in deal and I'm chicken to do a press on the glass without knowing it is actually a slip...
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    Repairing a Fenix PD10-TI

    One of my favorite lights is my Fenix PD10-TI titanium. Unfortunately I dropped it the other day and the glass broke. Case is still in great shape. I contacted Fenix but they don't have just the glass, only aluminum heads, bleh. The glass has a crack all the way across but has not shattered...
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    Fenix LD20 disassembly help

    Contact Fenix, I've been corresponding with them about my broken light and they will likely have a replacement head for you.
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    Best. Flashlight. EVER!

    SST-90 with a 26550 battery.
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    Cheers to Lighthound!

    I'll miss them! They were good folks, and I lived within about 10 miles so I went over there fairly often. Plain exterior but lots of fun stuff.
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    Automotive Are LED high beams possible yet?

    Heck BMW is using Fricking Laser beams in their cars! All they need now are sharks!
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    Focusable H4 (or other) light socket

    Years ago I heard about a H4 HID conversion that let you chose 4 or 5 spots for the ring to mount, moving the focal spot forward and back about 1/2" total. Not sure if they are still available. You'd have to look around. I suspect most are fixed to standard H4 lengths nowadays.
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    75W/55W/35W HID Flashlight in Ebay

    I have one of the 65 watt versions and love it! It's big, but well balanced, and stunningly bright. There is some adjustability in the beam by twisting the bezel and I've got it dialed into a small spot at about 25 ft (maybe 4") and it makes an amazing beam in the fog. My only complaint is...
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    Any folks with LED lights added HID lights to their collection?

    I'm a LED guy but had to have one HID (I have HIDs on one of my motorcycles and love them). I ended up getting the 35/50w version from and for the highly discounted price I paid (it was on special for $175 a while ago) I'm pleased if not tickled. Everyone I show it to is in awe...
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    Why Titanium or Stainless Steel LED Flashlights Popularity?

    I have a couple of Ti lights, small 14500 or RCR123 keychain lights like a Fenix PD10T and a Ti Quark, but by far one of my favorites is a Fireworm in Ti that I use for incan P60s. The head hardly heats at all due to the poor thermal conductivity.
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    MKN SST-90 MOD Flashlight

    Yes, I have seen that head but did not get any, sorry.
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    MKN SST-90 MOD Flashlight

    Don't know, both bodies were the same RW-M06 from Torchlight. I modified the SST-90 version.
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    MKN SST-90 MOD Flashlight

    The SST-90s that I sold through Lighthoud were all direct drive, 3 mode. They were tested on a CPF user's sphere at 729 lumens with only a very small amount of fade after several minutes, ie, less than 5 from memory. The big copper slug really draws the heat away and the IMR 26650 is an...
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    MKN SST-90 MOD Flashlight

    My SST-90s are direct drive, no regulator, just a driver for 3 levels.
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    MKN SST-90 MOD Flashlight

    True, but the MC-E version is regulated and comes with an extension that allows 2x 26650 to be used, giving very long runtime, or the ability to use 2x LiFEP04 or IMR 26650s. The SST-90 version is direct drive and can only use 1x26650. The MC-E version is 5 modes, Low, Med, High, strobe and...