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    When is enough, enough?

    I have been a member here since 2007 and called it quits in 2016. My interest had started to wane a few years before, mainly moving towards mods etc. BUT now I'm back .... maybe ... maybe not ..
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    Which light for my wife?

    Get the dog to carry it...
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    Adjustable Hat Clip (am I missing something?)

    Hello, long time no post here too. I have come into possession of what I think is a GoPro or action camera helmet mount which I think could be fashioned to hold a small light and attach also attach to a baseball cap, and will be adjustable. At the moment, I'll have to remove the sticky pad and...
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    "Bathroom-trip in the night" flashlight recommendation?

    Just to add, a cheap red filter is the cellophane wrapping from a babybel.
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    Test/review of Eneloop lite AAA BK-4LCCE 550mAh (Blue)

    A lot of the ones I have won’t stop charging. It’s a low charge rate but eventually the batteries give up. For a long time, I would charge the batteries externally and swap it out but I would forget and the handset would go dead. That said, I retired the phone recently, it was used for VoIP and...
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    Test/review of Eneloop lite AAA BK-4LCCE 550mAh (Blue)

    These take quite some charge abuse, also used in a cordless phone. I have some in solar lights too. They also seem to be less susceptible to reverse charging when in series. Have a few in those 3aaa lights with carrier
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    Fenix E01

    Well hopefully I can get some 3D models printed then anyone can make their own. The other parts are a 15mm brass washer and a metal spring I got from an old pen. Sourcing the host body might be trickier. Daiso doesn’t always have them. A few years ago, I tried this with one of those aluminium...
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    Fenix E01

    Sorry about the pictures but here are some quick ones Basically it’s just the e01 head inside a pill that I made from a hand lotion pump. I’ll disassemble it at some point to show it better. I’d like to 3D print the pill at some point.
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    UV light for scorpions

    Bear Grylls has used something like this for his scorpion hunts. I’m sure I’ve seen Steve Irwin use something similar too
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    Fenix E01

    Re: Fenix E01 so long farewell Yes, there are a few places that still has a lot of stock. Dusty packaging and all but not willing to part with them for a reasonable price...
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    Fenix E01

    Re: Fenix E01 so long farewell I did pluck it out and clean it. It seems to conduct ok but it’s a little misshaped. I might see if I can find another spring, it’s not looking very shiny. I haven’t removed the spring from another e01 though as I didn’t do the best job getting it out before but...
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    Fenix E01

    Re: Fenix E01 so long farewell It has been a while since I’ve been on cpf but came back to say after 12 years, my first Fenix e01 has stopped working. Well, the head still works but it’s not conducting. A battery leak and despite a lot of vinegar, it hasn’t helped. Still doing what I can but...
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    Market Promotion PartII

    C13R Lucky Draw!
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    Zebralight plans MKIII's and SC63 release for this year

    Ha, that's one fat cat in that video
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    Please recommend an android lux/ lightmeter app

    Yes, it's not the megapixels but the ccd used. Both need to be pre calibrated in some way, that's the annoying thing about this method. There's no access to ambient light sensor to get a raw number on the iPhones. Maybe one day, but it may not be that useful. Like in the Nokia n900, the opening...