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    Features that would make me buy another FourSevens light

    Many complaints in the "Hello? FourSevens Are You Out There? " thread about the disappearance of "High Mode".
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    Hello? FourSevens Are You Out There?

    Oh look the only accessory back ordered is the single A body...
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    Hello? FourSevens Are You Out There?

    Do we know that "High Mode" is gone for good? The jump from 28 to 336 lumens seems too abrupt for me. I must admit it will take a lot to displace my original Titanium Quark!
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    Strengths of Different Techniques for Mounting an LED

    I have used this Thermal Glue on well over a hundred lights and assorted LED Fixed lighting projects. FUJIK Silicone Thermal Glue (50ml Grease-Like)...
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    Looking for SS P60 host (18650 and 2 CR123) or plastic? Needs to be reliable but!

    I have three of the NEXTORCH lights bought from blastertool running three different LED drop-ins with 18650s. Just don't try running any hot running LED drop-ins, since there is little thermal dissipation.
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    Need a really cheap AAA keychain Flashlight (2 choices so far)

    This is my vote for best value in a AAA light. I just received my 10th (they are always silver these days rather than red). Almost Free Coast Flashlight (Just pay $3.50 shipping)
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    Where to find cheap XR-E emitter (no star)

    My method for removing CREE emitters from stars involves the following: Clamp a pair of hemostats to the Star (although a SMALL pair of visegrips would work) Grab the actual emitter with a pair or pliers and hold the star with attached hemostats so that the bottom of the star faces you and the...
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    AC driver dimming solution?!?!

    Dimming with the prewired pot goes down to about 20% (visual estimate) before shutting off. The AC adapter is from an IBM Thinkpad 16 volts 3.36 amps. Doesn't get warm at all.
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    AC driver dimming solution?!?!

    I made a lamp with 8 Cree XREs 2 X 4 parallel drive from a surplus 16V laptop AC adapter with a buckpuck with integrated dimmer. This was the cheapest solution I could think of using UL listed components. I am nervous using cheap DX class AC components. Works great.
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    Protected Trustfire 14500 in Quark aa2

    Specs for Quark AA2 Voltage range: 0.9V ~ 4.2V
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    Buying advice for "emergency" light.

    Aside from the usual suspect you mentioned above, I just received the following 3AA light from Kai that has very good throw with decent sidespill, tailstands and most important a simple Hi-Med-Lo UI (no strobes or SOS). UltraFire CREE Q5 MCU-C88 3-Mode(black)(3*AA) SKU: S009365 Price...
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    Zebralight is going to come out with flashlights! part 2

    Just ordered this cheap Zebralight clone I will update with my impressions.
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    New Title: Super Awesome Maglite Gatling Gun

    Re: Interesting Lighting Techniques?? I know little about Dive lights, but this one appears pretty good for the money. F2 Cree Q5 100-Lumen Diving LED Flashlight (4*AA)...
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    4xAA Flashlight

    Just bought one of these from Kai for $32.43. Nice build quality, compact, incredible throw (with usable sidespill), Hi-Med-Low (no strobe!!!), tail stands, quite heavy.
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    2xAA host for P60 drop in?

    You can buy the Solarforce L2r (the 2AA version) for under $15 on EBAY. This comes with the Bezel, Body, and tailcap (just add drop-in). I bought the SAND colored one, very nice!