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    Which SolarForce HOST

    Hmm, tough choice. I like the L2N looks the best, but the L2P will be the most durable as it has the better coating (HAIII). You might also look at the P1D, it is also HAIII and looks tough enough, all accept the P60 drop ins. I just bought the parts and made my own drop in, I had fun doing it...
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    Sub 30/50$ light for walking in rural areas/forests. Extra high mode a plus.

    Here's the two threads I saw (lots of pics) My L2T came in and I love it, quality is great. The machining is very very good, I...
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    Sub 30/50$ light for walking in rural areas/forests. Extra high mode a plus.

    I think all of the bezels, heads, bodies, and tailcap/switches are interchangeable on all of the models, there's a thread here I've seen with pictures of how people have configured their head/bodies/tailcap/emitter. But you are going to be limited by the basic function of the light, they only...
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    Sub 30/50$ light for walking in rural areas/forests. Extra high mode a plus.

    Sounds like you're looking for a P60 flashlight to me! I've been looking at the Solarforce hosts and they seem to get good reviews, great build quality and all, and they're only $12-25, 35 (depending on model), and then if you want extras (holster, clip, bezel) they're about $5 each. There's a...
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    I don't need anything

    Don't do it! Buying an 18650 battery and charger is only a gateway! I thought I could get away with only a Nitecore MT2C but now I find I want a nice thrower, and a 14500 compatible light, and now that other one is on sale too... all before my charger even comes in the mail!
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    Have any lights that seemed great at first, but became disappointing later?

    No disappointments yet! All my lights are infinitely brighter, run longer, and throw much farther than my Maglight Solitaire :)
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    PD32 UE or Nitecore MT26 Thoughts? I bit the bullet!

    Re: Looking to buy a good light. PD32 UE or Nitecore MT26 Thoughts? I'm getting the MT26 for my father in law. It felt like a quality light, threads were nicely cut, switch had a good feel, but the wife took it from me before I could turn it on...
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    Need advice on 2xAA lights

    Well, I blew it on the 4sevens, I waited until Sunday to order from GoingGear and now they're out. The more I looked into this light the better I like it, but I'll have to move on... I'm liking the Olight T25 right now, sounds like it's built well, has a good feel to the tail switch, and comes...
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    Need advice on 2xAA lights

    Thanks for the feedback, this forum is the best Lights for me to check out: 4sevens Quark X AA2 (I admit I haven't looked at 4sevens much) Fenix LD10, E21, E25 (I have read that Fenix builds their lights like a tank) I thought the manufacturer specs might be off with all the different run...
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    Need advice on 2xAA lights

    I'm looking for some advice on which light to get for a gift. Until recently I was unaware of flashaholism and only thought I was strange to want a more powerful handheld light than my mini Maglite (xenon). After much research I'm now familiar with words (and non-words) like "tactical"...