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    Ordered a Zebralight SC64c LE

    If i would have bought a zebralight very early on, i'd have far fewer flashlights. I prefer the headlamps becaue they are more versatile, but i have the SC64c and its a great light....
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    Hands Free Light For Around The Campfire?

    Since you have a Zebralight, i would assume one of those headlamps are a Zebra? If so, just take off the rubber flashlight holder and put it on your ballcap strap. Then just put the light in it and when you cut reverse the ballcap. Go check out the zebralight mods. Another way is to put the...
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    Replacement cap for zebra light h51?

    I believe all the H5X series have the same cap. I think the SC5X AA series is the same as well... When i get to the house, i'll confirm that my H502/H52 fits my SC AA lights...
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    ok i finnaly have a flashlight brand im loyal to

    Haven't bought one in awhile, but my favorite brand is also zebralight. Its probably the brand that i have the most of as well although that likely isn't fair because i bought quite a few brands before coming to the conclusion that it was the light that best ft my needs. Since i have only had...
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    how many of you play with your lights still?

    I also use my flashlight instead of turning on the lights. My holstered light is actually easier to reach than the light switch. I jut call that practical not playing....
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    Need a Flood light

    Zebralight H604c is my preference for a flood. The H600F is floody as well, but it does have a brighter enter. I agree wit h just putting a diffuser on one of your other lights as well.
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    Need help deciding….Armytek Viking/Predator Pro V2.5 or V3.0?

    i have both versions and my preference is for the programmable as i like to start off in low. If you want it for a tactical light or for checking things out in the yard and don't care about the low settings, then go for the newer version. As for the differences between the predator and the...
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    List Your Favorite Light You Have Had For More Than 2 Years Than You Use Nightly

    I also carry and use a Zebralight daily, an H600. I use it for a worklight/headlamp as well as a handheld. The other EDC is a Leupold i converted to a P60 with a floody quad that is used for a quick access light. During School, i have a H604c that i sue for getting the kids ready for school...
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    Zebralight headlamp H600w, H600c, or H600d

    I have an older h600W version and also the newer H600Fc that i picked up used. IMO the tint is better on the H600c. Although i like the F, I would prefer a clear lens because you can always stick film/scotch tape to make a clear lens more floody. From what i understand, the clear lens...
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    What Happened to Zebralight R&D?

    From what i understand, while Zebralight designs its lights here in the United States, they are primarily made in China. I'm sure the formation of new lights requires travelling back and forth btween the two countries and the china virus kinda shut that down. That would also explain why they...
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    What are peoples opinion of Olight brand lights.

    I have a few Olight flashlights, the oldest being a S30 titanium i got quite awhile back. They are okay lights and it still works fine to this day and finds itself in the EDC rotaation every so often. Still, its slightly a bit longer than the Zebralights i generally EDC.
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    When is enough, enough?

    Once you realize you only have so many hands (or heads in the case of headlamps) and all the areas you'd like to have a light hang out in case you aren't carrying the required light at that area, then adding more just doesn't make that much more sense. It helps that i tend to go High CRI...
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    ZL SC600w vs SC600Fc beam profile

    the SC600w will throw further for seeing distances. You can put scotchtape on it or make something to diffese the light if you want the floodbeam profile. You might consider going for the H series though for hands free capability...
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    What lights do you consider the most epic or influential on your hobby

    Maglight AA when i was youngr, this started the fascination with extremely portable lights, even had the "candle" mode Leupold LED line, they were expensive for what they were, but so much light in such a little package that was extremely waterproof. This started the search for rechargeable...
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    Deliver in forest regularly, could use some recommendations

    I would second the thrower/headlight combo. I personally like Zebralights as far as headlamps go. For the furthest throwing zebralight for spotting the mutts a good distance away, go with the reflector/regular glass version H600(w). A Malkoff Hounddog would be a good thrower, but there are a...