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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    There are many threads on EVs and power sources already that are probably a good place to shift that discussion to.
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    Automatic knives, valid for use?

    That’s a beaut! They are fun and they do multiply. Haha
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    well my fav light is gone

    Go back when there’s no traffic - maybe it’s still out there!
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    crazy stuff people say online

    Well. It is one of the most dangerous industrialized/developed nations/non-conflict areas. So their comment has some merit. Violent Crime Rates:
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    How did you track the squirrel's progress over such a great distance?
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    🤦 C'mon guys.
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    Automatic knives, valid for use?

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    Automatic knives, valid for use?

    New OTF in the collection - the Axial Shift. Up to five OTFs now. Love ‘em!
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    4th jab today.

    Be well Poppy and feel better soon! Don't forget your evening cocktail to wash down your antivirals!
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    What is the deal with Surefire these days?!

    I have heard such rumors before, from disgruntled members primarily, who did not like the fact that CPF members had favorite brands. However, If there were ever any requests from any manufacturer or dealer or supporter of the forum to censor discussion of other brands, then CPF management did a...
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    4th jab today.

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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    Second owner already?! Glad you got one in hand Chance! Do you have more of the new Minis in route? Mine has been in my pocket the last couple nights for prowling around the house and so far I like it. Tint is a little warmer than my Quark but still pleasant. As a flood fan, the one change I...
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    4th jab today.

    My current anti-covid Gin collection, including three from my state. Drinking a GnT with the Midwest Gin from 49th Parallel here in WI as we speak. Err, type. And also the most recent flashlight to arrive... to keep us on topic. I think.
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    Lumens Factory Pineapples

    Outstanding LEGOs! Thanks for sharing!
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    4th jab today.

    I didn't get COVID until last November when I did a dry month. Clearly the botanicals in my gin and tonics were keeping me healthy and halting the steady flow weakened my system! My good friend also did a dry month and go figure, that was the month she got COVID too! I would not suggest anyone...