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    Zebralight H600/H604/H600F MKIV headlamp

    I just pulled the trigger on an H604W. Are people having positive experiences with this light? Has the pid problem been resolved and is the tint ok?
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    Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome Chris!
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    The Official CPF Coffee Thread. All things Coffee... (And related beverages)

    Yes, Sweet Maria's! Good stuff!:poke:
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    The Official CPF Coffee Thread. All things Coffee... (And related beverages)

    Me too! Got a Gene Cafe and love it. Started out using a Poppery Popcorn maker at first about 5 years ago. Bought the Gene Cafe off Craigslist 6 months ago and am loving it.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I've had the same exact experience. Sold the PLUS and kept the HI.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    SC600 W HI is a bit beefier has a nice tint and some decent throw. A little chunky in the pocket and not a great clip. It's a push on clip which lessens how securely it holds. SC64C LE is slimmer in the pocket, had a great tint and a fixed pocket clip that is screwed to the body. The SV600 W...
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Ya, I've been wondering about ZL too. Seems like all the other brands are coming out with innovative stuff. Acebeam seems to be leading the way. ZL still hasn't come out with that multi emitter light that has been on the spreadsheet for a couple of years now. It's been so long I'm forgetting...
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    Acebeam W30vn - The LED Thrower R (DISCONTINUED SOON)

    I can't see it either....
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    Buying Sky Lumen VN

    Just a FYI. I think the OP has already found his answer and has moved on. This same question was asked by him on the other flashlight forum as well and was also answered quite thoroughly. I think the only people paying any attention to this thread are the regular CPF folk at this point.
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    Acebeam K30GTvn

    You should email Vihn. I think the color has to do with the properties of the metal. Some metal properties show different colors. He will be able to tell you. His email is on his skylumen website.
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    The Lounge 2020

    Vinh is immortal! You all know that he is 65, right?
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    BLF LT1

    Hahaha. Me too! How can I resist.
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    Mateminco MT07vn - Compact High Output Thrower R

    The heat sink sold at B*F is 100% worth the money. If you have this light you will LOVE the results. I put one on mine and it improved sustained output substantially.
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    Fireflies E07vn - Compact 21700 Powerhouse R

    Yes, maybe if they are a direct swap out, he could obtain some and we could in turn buy them from him......?
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    Im sorry for another one of these threads

    Maybe the Zebralight SC64 W or SC64C LE. Small, strong pocket clip, edc, durable, great run times. CPF \ BLF USER Bobmcbob was putting in NICHIA 4500k HI CRI LEDS in this light for a fairly reasonable price. This particular led is one of the best color rendering LEDs ever. Good luck! Edit: If...

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