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    What if you spread some caltrops and hung a few cables at chest height (make'm steel that is thick enough to need bolt-cutters) and then posted (along with the no tresspassing signs) WARNING! THIS AREA CONTAMINATED WITH SHARP METAL, AND STEEL CABLES. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!" Hey - You warned...
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    Will it set a bug on fire?

    Information unlimited sells plans or kits to build what is essentially a portable ruby pulse laser - delivers something like 500 joules in the infrared, with a 20-30 second recharge between shots (to charge up the massive bank of capacitors needed to fire the xenon flash tube). It says it runs...
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    USA, Soldering Skills, Wanna be SEEN!

    You want drivers to say "what the heck is that?" then you need a Down Low Glow in acid green or purple. Check it out at Rock The Bike.
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    Fenix PD30, PD20, LD10 and LD20

    I have my PD30 now. So far, so good. I did have a brief moment of panic when it didn't work at first, but I checked connections, and the tail switch needed to be tightened up a little. Maybe a quarter turn with a pen. Other than that the light is great - way brighter than the TaskForce POS I...
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    Fenix PD30, PD20, LD10 and LD20

    Re: New Fenix models PD30, PD20, LD10 (thx devine) and LD20 (thx Marduke) I ordered a PD30 yesterday AM, and got a ship notice the same day. Coming first class mail Atlanta -> California, so I should have it Monday or Tuesday. Faults or no, I think it will be better than the $16 TaskForce (...
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    Commuters: What do you use?

    I ride about 7 miles on suburban streets, (some lit, some not), starting @ 5:30 in the morning. I have: -A CatEye Tripleshot on the handlebars -A Princeton Tec EOS Bike on my helmet (look the drivers in the eye as they pull up - if they have to squint, they've seen you...) -A PlanetBike Blinky...
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    Going camping and looking for a rechargeable LED...

    I use a headlight when I'm camping - I used to have a princeton tech matriz with the 3 leds, but just upgraded to the black diamond Icon. Both use AA's (2 in the matrix, 3 in the Icon). I use NiMH's in them. If I'm going for 3 days or less, I put a set of fresh-charged batteries in, and take...
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    Making glow sticks brighter

    FYI - Cyalume (or whatever they have morphed into) made (and maybe still make) an ultra intense orange glowstick that burns out in like 5 minutes, but its too bright to look at. If I can find them, I'll post a link.
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    Dealextreme mini trit keychains

    Dealextreme has started carrying small (about 1/3 the size of a nite) tritium glowrings in white, yellow and green, for around $10 per. Looks like a clear acrylic body, standard split ring. Would be perfect for marking a tent or gear-bag zipper. I haven't seen a white keychain before. Heres the...
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    Best rechargeable 123s?

    Drat. I know the P2D doesn't play well with rechargeables, but I thought the P3D was acceptable. I would love a Tiabolo A8 (or A9), or a Wolf-Eyes defender, or a Novatac 120p. can't afford them. Also, looking for an EDC, that kinda rules out the first two. Probably can't afford the P3D...
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    Best rechargeable 123s?

    I tried searching the forum, but I got way to many hits to figure this out. I'm planning on getting a P3D Q5, and I'd like to use rechargeable 123s in it. Fenix tactical is selling a Tenergy charger and 4 batteries, which would work well (2 in play, 2 charging etc.) I've never heard of...
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    Red HDS/Novatac?

    Just a comment - if surefire filters fit, that would seem to be the best way to do it - they also have an IR only filter for use with night vision gear - just a matter of swapping filters. If I where going to Iraq, I'd want as many options as I could get...
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    A few P3D questions

    Well, I just found an ancient solitaire incan at the back of a desk drawer - new AAA, works great. I can use that for pupil checks. I love the idea of a NovaTac EDC 120P, maybe tricked out with a PEU bezel and some trits... Now if only I could persuade my wife (She Who Must Be Obeyed or...
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    Supercapacitors for the ultimate portable laser gun/burner?

    I commented on the 4nm difference in my post. I'm really interested in whether my math is right.
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    Supercapacitors for the ultimate portable laser gun/burner?

    Interesting idea - you would only need the the KTP crystal too - the Nd:YVO4 crystal is only there to take 808nm IR from the diode down to 1064nm, and then the KTP halves that to green 532nm. The rod puts out IR at 1.06 microns, or 1060nm - only 4nm off. I wonder if the KTP would respond to...