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    Are CPFers starting to lose interest in AA based lights?

    Dude, your camera is a living dinossaur. The last time I saw one like that I was still in college... Every manufacturer in the world is using Li-Ion. Li-Ion is just superior, there is no excuses.
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    SureFire A2 Aviator - Working Rechargable Batteries

    Don't blame me, buddy. Your bulb died because it was a bad bulb that would have died on CR123s as well. The A2s regulator do not overdrive the incan lamp, it alway send the correct voltage/current to the lamp assembly, no matter how do you feed it... I have been using my A2s on RCR123 cells for...
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    No skill sharpening system suggestions

    Edge Pro or Wicked Edge.
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    How many of you still use incans over LED's?

    Don't worry, I'm leaving CPF. Good bye.
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    What is the best replacement bulb for an A2?

    Ask [email protected] This is my last post here. Cheers.
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    Surefire edc options

    This dude's been here for 8 years bitching and whining forever about SureFire like a big cry baby. "Whaaa, SureFires are overpriced, whaaaa, they are outdated, whaaaa I want them so bad but I can't afford them!!".
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    Need recommendations for a good outdoor light

    You must believe that most of us incandescent users are a bunch of inexperient idiots, don't you?
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    SureFire E-Series Addicts Unite!

    +1 HO-ER1 on a 16340 IMR is my favorite configuration. Great runtime, very white beam and flat discharge curve. It's like a Mini-A2 Aviator.
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    Surefire edc options

    All SureFire Defender Series can tailstand. And most E series can tailstand by adding a Z68 tailcap.
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    Need recommendations for a good outdoor light

    That's simple. The LED forum is full of easily-impressed noobs (at least 80% of the traffic in there) who just got into this hobby (they are like: " cot dayum, this new bluish-light sure looks futuristic, so it must be better). And the rest are geeks and nerds obsessing over new "hot" toys of...
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    Need recommendations for a good outdoor light

    +1! Great post! Don't forget about the Black Diamond SUPERNOVA, the only regulated incandescent headlight. It's a hybrid-light just the SureFire A2 Aviator. Cheers.
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    Confirmation on M3/M3T/M4/M6 lego build

    Longer runtime and better throw. Tint is the same and they are both very safe on 16340 IMR cells.
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    The Best Gun Light

    +1 I agree with that, 100%.
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    SR90 for Hunting in Borneo Rainforest??

    Can you carry your rifle and gear plus that beast of a light and still point and shoot at the same time with that? Unless your gun is a Browning M2 .50 on a tripod, I don't see the practicality in hunting with a SR90. Why don't you get something you can actually mount on your rifle? Or NVG...
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    What lights are you looking forward to in 2010?

    I'd definitely buy one! (or two)