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    Did anyone test GT001B ?

    Did anyone test this laser: Does it have at least 1W of output power ? The site is overall with a bad general rating from what I could find so far, but I'm interested if this...
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    Test/review of Samsung INR21700-30T 3000mAh (Gray)

    I have some liitokalas that reach 6000mAh in testing at 1A, they are labeled as 5100-5400 (various types). Some 26650 makers seems like they focused on providing high current rather than high capacity. In theory, you could make 7000mAh normal current 26650s, but there's not much demand of them.
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    [New Release] XTAR BC4 - 1.5V Li-ion battery charger

    1.5V Li-ion rechargeable batteries sounds like an April fool's joke. No such thing as 1.5V li-ion nominal. You cannot make a specific chemistry output a totally different voltage per cell. That is practically not possible. Sure, you can improve the tech to charge it more, to improve the max...
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    So how come 26650 batteries don't have higher mAH ratings?

    Exactly, focusing on amperage is what I see too. When testing good cells at 1A current the max I got out of a 26650 cell was 6000mAh. The average was 5500 and the cells were liitokalas and varicores maked between 5000 and 5200.
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    4 Bay Charger Recomendation please !

    Is pricing a priority ? You can always get an Opus 3100 which supports 1A on each slot and can also test batteries. If your Xtar drops to .2A it's not really normal, looks like a fake one to me (unless they have a .2/.4A entry level model I don't know of).
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    What I told my son to do if Search and Rescue were ever looking for me.

    Jay R, you did very well to tell him that. I would of done the same. I always have at least a powerful green laser with me at night no matter where I go so I definitely can signal from quite a distance if needed.
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    Laser for Hiking

    Any of these professionally considered junks like the green 301s, 303s will do. In case of emergency, you can use it as a signaling device or as very long range flashlight.
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    How quickly does light output fall as battery loses charge in a LED torch?

    The question should include battery type used. In the case of the largely used today Li-ion cells, there should be no difference in light power until the cell reaches its official discharge limit. This of course assumes you use original cells that are not degraded. In such a case, the cells...
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    How should I choose a burning laser?

    @addygofast It depends on the wall and laser power. Things are not as simple as they may seem. In a reflection damage there are many issues to consider: - power - beam diameter and divergence - color of laser - color of surface - absorption/reflexion rating of the reflecting surface You...
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    Survival Situation!

    Nice initiative. But don't stop there. Some tips: Try walks that are longer. 30 min is a warm-up. 4h trips would be a good training. Try increasing the interval gradually. Try them in various weather conditions (in bad weather 30min ones are good too, they help you adapt and prevent many...
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    capacitor value?

    Capacitors in parallel do add their capacity, so 2x4.7uF will result in 9.4uF. But they will most likely take more space than one single 10uF. In the case you described, generally, 4.7uF should suffice, but what is your shopping source ? It's absurd to say they are expensive. I can find 10uF @...
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    Blue Light

    Blue light is very bad for the eyes, significantly more bad than any other color. This is because all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens and directly reaches the retina. That, in turn, kills photo-receptor cells as the signaling molecule on the membrane dissolves (changes...
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    UV LED to sanitize shoe odors?

    Shoe odors are generated by bacteria, mostly. That can be neutralized with any perfume spray, or even any die-bug-die spray. Also, that spray can help prevent them for re-appearing for a while.
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    Does the 26650 size fit a C cell mag diameter wise?

    There is no 100% certain answer to this, but generally they should fit. 'C' cells are officially 26.2 mm in diameter.An original 26650 has most of the time 26 or 26.1 mm in diameter, with the plastic casing included. Now if the outer casing of some models is too thick it will indeed not fit...
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    So how come 26650 batteries don't have higher mAH ratings?

    It's because 26650 manufacturing is for now secondary to 18650 as priority, therefore is practically just a few years behind. In the cell industry the priority in the last few years seems to have been high current 18650s, which practically got from 1500mAh to 3000mAh pretty fast. But this in...