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    Is the Convoy S2+ still a good budget choice?

    I enjoy mine with SST20 at 2700K.
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    Buy a super bright flashlight

    Manker MK41 (4xAA) if you need throw (or slap on a diffuser). It's pretty awesome, I love mine, bright yes, compact, not really. My Armytek A2 Prime Pro (2xAA) and my Olight i5T are more compact for EDC, but not super bright.
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    Knife Chatter. Show and Tell!

    Sold a PM2 and bought a Victorinox Traveller and an Alox Classic. My keychain now feels complete.
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    Olight Baton 3 question

    I think Olight creates negativity with proprietary tech and if we let it go without raising our voice they won't stop. Bad business practices must be called out - there is no other way to eradicate them, but to raise awareness and influence people to vote with their wallets.
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    Olight Baton 3 question

    Sorry I can't offer any help. Non-standard, incompatible technology is the principal reason I stay away from Olight.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    IDK if it counts, but I bought a Victorinox Traveller Lite and I think that the built-in LED is barely, but just enough for EDC.
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    Manker CrownVN - World's First Electrochromic Flashlight

    This is the kind of development flashlights need, thanks Manker.
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    any olight fans?

    The only thing I like about them is the look. But the tint, the color temperature, the low CRI, the proprietary charging and their marketing strategies are all off-putting. Lucky I only bought four i3es and a copper i5t before I realized there is better stuff out there.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    A few months back, the brass Pineapple Mini 219B at 4500K.
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    What is your stuff hit the fan light?

    NiMh preps, nominal 370 Ah.
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    Beam width

    I suggest simply watching a bunch of YT reviews by Flashacolic (who is also a member here) and by others too, to get a sense of beam profiles at various distances. With your budget you should have no problem finding something good. Let us know how you go.
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    how many of you play with your lights still?

    I use the green Manker MC13 to play with my cats, but I also carry it sometimes to entertain myself. It's like a LEP.
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    What is your stuff hit the fan light?

    When it comes to this, my solution was hundreds of tea lights (sounds a lot, but stores really compact), a few rounds of beeswax and sacks of paraffin wax granules ready to be processed into whatever is in need. Gallons of (m)ethanol for trangia style cooking and firewood.
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    What is your stuff hit the fan light?

    Best to diversify with as many power sources as possible. I have AAA (ReyLight), AA (Armytek), C3 and D2 (Maglite), and one each of every chargeable lithium. Also one that runs on makita 18V 6Ah cells. Hand crank is the last ditch.
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    How low do you go ??

    I am careless - I leave it to the LVP to tell me the time is up and I charge everything with the Auto setting with my Vapcell S4 Plus. Samsung 21700-40T is prevalent. But these are all mostly used at home, no big deal if/when they are getting depleted.

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