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    Vape as smoking cessation

    Approaching 2 years cigarette free! Lots of different devices over the last few years, but using a Uwell Caliburn primarily just because it's so simple and convenient. It does suck with the new regulations because it seems like a lot of the juice vendors out there can't afford to comply and...
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    Road Flare alternatives?

    It's been discontinued for some time now but I used a Fenix CL05 for this purpose one night when I had to change a tire on a road with a narrow shoulder. 3 blinking modes, 2 of which are colored. I think Fenix still makes something similar as well as Nitecore.
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    where is your flashlight playground?

    I liked my old house quite a bit for nighttime flashlight play - large back yard, long and winding creek, houses spaced nicely apart. Although the creek flooding frequently with moderate rain so many times I had to make sure nothing in the yard was floating away. I've only been at the new...
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    Fenix E01 V2 ?

    Just got mine recently and though I've only used it briefly I do like it. For me it's a perfectly adequate AAA keychain light; 3 modes, twisty so it doesn't tend to turn on in the pocket. The big gripe seems to be that it doesn't tail stand but for me that's irrelevant - it just lives on my...
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    Fenix Fenix, 30 Lumens is too much brightness for low mode

    In larger, duty type lights I don't necessarily see a lack of moonlight as a deal breaker; for me big lights are just for blasting lumens. Double digit low modes aren't much of a concern. On the other hand, small EDC lights - 5 lumen low is acceptable, 1 lumen or less is ideal.
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    Coronavirus - II

    I scored 2 packs of toilet paper today. My biggest takeaway from this all has been 1) I've learned the importance of keeping TP in stock at home 2) I feel like this has been one long product test. I've tried basically every brand on the market now ranging from cheap to expensive and...
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    Was it at an REI store? I didn't think Fenix was sold at many stores.
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    Fenix Fenix E20 V2 coming soon ... /// No updates for the LD22 series planned ...

    Looks like version 2.0 is about to drop in the next few weeks. After a cursory look at the specs and it seems like a welcome improvement; the clip is a nice addition, its more powerful and designed well. I'm definitely looking forward to a review. Only gripe is the usual lack of a moonlight...
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    The TCL is a great deal for sure. Nice, sharp, clear picture with the Vizio but not really as impressive in terms of a smart TV in comparison. We'll probably switch the house TVs around this Spring and make room for another TCL.
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    Two "smart TVs" - Vizio and a TCL. Vizio has sharper picture but the TCL has snappier performance and much better streaming apps and interface.
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    Today's good news: Wife tested negative after potentially being exposed twice. Also scored a few weeks worth of toilet paper. We don't have to resort to a bidet just yet at least. [emoji106]
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    More love for the Fenix E15?!?

    Re: Happy with my change to E16 Glad you like it. It definitely seems like a viable keychain light. IMO, if it's a light that truly lives on your keys it's gotta be a twisty. I've tried several side switch type lights and they all inevitably turn on in your pocket. May not be an issue for...
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    Question on the Legality of Flashlights ...

    There's no laws anywhere that I'm aware of that forbid you to carry one but in some situations it could lead to having to talk with police. People call the police for numerous reasons; some legitimate, some petty. How they respond can vary. Someone could simply call and say there's a person...
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    Well, my wife just got over influenza A and now has potentially had contact with someone suspected of Corona virus. Not to mention we were at an event last weekend with a report of someone positive for it as well. School has been cancelled for the next 2 weeks. There's literally no water or...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    The UC15 arrived today, making it my second Acebeam. Great little light. Very useful pocket flashlight, even with just NiMH AAA. It does not seem to like the flat top Efest 10440 I have. Admittedly they are extremely old anyway, so I'll spring for proper button top ones next time I do a...