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    Things today's kids missed out on

    Here in Canada we get those tags from The War Amps. It very much in use here. Works exactly as you said if you lose your keys. I think they get your name info from the drivers licence office as not all family members get a mailing.
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    Things today's kids missed out on

    I still use wax paper for my sandwiches because I have yet to see long, thin plastic 'sangweech' bags that will fit an Italian style bun.
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    Defiant flashlights from Home Depot

    Yesterday at my local HD (Toronto) I saw these Defiant lights. The first one that caught my eye was the D-cell at about 480 lm, then I saw the 3C cell. Although the price is low, they just seem to big. I have a PA 40 at pretty much the same output. They also had a 2 pack 2 AA ~110 lm version as...
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    Things today's kids missed out on

    Still have my Encyclopaedia Britannica on the shelf, circa mid '70s ! Tried to find the word 'internet' such luck ! lol
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    BC-900 adapter fail

    I purchased the charger from Thomas Distributing in 2009 and has been a great charger with no problems. A few months ago while handling the adapter, it slipped from my hand and hit the floor from a height of about 1 foot. The charger unit did not fall. Now the adapter does not power up the...
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    Rural dog finder torch

    Put a light on the dog ! Check out some pet collar lights or reflective collars.
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    Flashlight for vehicle

    I also have a Mag 2D in my trunk. I also purchased a Dorcy 3aaa 120 lm to keep in the glove box. A couple of months ago I purchased a Dorcy LED drop-in for the Mag, same style and size as the original bulb, nothing fancy, and it was about $5. It's rated at 30lm, iirc. You can still use the...
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    Emergency flashlight - 150$ max

    The best flashlight is the one you have on you all the time in case poop happens. That light will get you to where you have all your other stuff. A single AA multi mode LED light will get you there.
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    Pet Peeves

    I've said it before, people standing behind you in a line that are too close to you ! I was standing in line at the bank last week, and the man behind me was standing so close his jacket was rubbing against my jacket. Not only that, he had absolutely horrible bad breath !!! He was breathing...
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    Crap! Another storm misses us

    Ya but then, his wife would have spent the night outside and it would have melted by morning !
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    Battery rattle

    How about some masking tape. One wrap around your battery with no overlapping might do the trick. Adding extra thickness may make it difficult to get the battery out, if it doesn't slide in on its own, don't push it in !
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    Anyone prefer AA over 123

    For simple, everyday flashlight useage, I am also leaning towards AA lights, for the simple and already stated reason of ease of availability. Even if you didn't have any new cells around, you could easily scrounge a few from wall clocks, tv remotes and childrens toys. For specific or occasional...
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    Lantern for power outages

    How about one of those crank LED lanterns ? She doesn't have to worry about batteries and the crank may be easy enough for her to give it a few turns. However, if she has limited dexterity of her hands or fingers, maybe a lantern with D cells will be easier for her to handle than AA cells.
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    Should I still get Nitecore D10?

    I received my D10 a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. However, I find the lanyard claw just a bit to big for the gap between the piston and hole for the claw.
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    Pet Peeves

    ...and no matter which line you pick, it's always the one with the person in front of you whose debit card doesn't work/gets rejected, cashier calls for 'price check', customer insists item is on sale when it is not, and it's too late to change lines...