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    Nitecore SRT 7

    Same here. Everything appears to be working as expected. No sign of it being a refurbished light.
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    Nitecore SRT 7

    I order mine at around 2:00 PM on Tuesday and paid $45.41.
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    Nitecore SRT 7

    My shipment was accepted at the Post Office in Los Angeles at 5:22 PM, First-Class Package Service. Hopefully, I'll have it in a couple of days.
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    Fenix LD20 review, almost 18 months later (picture heavy)

    I bought the LD20, if memory serves me correctly, when the XP-G R4 was the latest and greatest. It's was my first LED light. I thought it and my old 2D Maglite were all I needed. Ha! The LD20 was a gateway drug for me.
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    **NEW** Nitecore EC25

    I bought a heavily discounted cool white Nitecore TM11 a few weeks ago. That was tons of fun. Then I bought a cool white EA4 and liked it so much, I considered getting the neutral. Instead I pulled the trigger this morning on the neutral version of the EC25. Funny. I've never owned a Nitecore...
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    **NEW** Nitecore EA4 Pioneer (4*AA, 860lm)

    My situation is the same on all counts: it rattles with or without batteries, while pressing on the switch or not, and I never would have noticed if it wasn't mentioned here.
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    **NEW** Nitecore EA4 Pioneer (4*AA, 860lm)

    Mine rattles a bit. It's definitely coming from the head, and I only hear it when I shake the light near my ear.
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    What's the best EDC flashlight in 2012 and why?

    Agreed. I have and like both very much, but I've come to prefer the RRT-01. Funny. Initially, I had a lot of issues with the light. Mostly around Jetbeams decision to go with a SMO reflector in a light with such a small head, and the resulting rings in the beam. (You don't need to white wall...
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    Eagletac G25C2 (XM-L, 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR) Review: RUNTIMES, VIDEO, BEAMSHOTS+

    My experience was similar to sidecross's. I tested by G25C2 MKII with an Eagletac 3400mAh cell yesterday, and it fit and worked. I also tested the light, without the extension tube, with a single KeepPower 3100mAh cell. It was a tighter fit as the cell is quite long. It did fit, however, and...
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    Jetbeam RRT-01

    The holster for the Jetbeam PC10 will fit the RRT-01 and a bunch of other lights. A little snugly at first, but it stretches quickly, and I'm currently using it with my RRT-01. It used to be available separately, but I haven't seen one for sale in a while. You have to be careful if you search...
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    Sold/Expired New Cree XP-G2 P60 Replacement Modules

    Re: XP-G2 / P60 STYLE MODULES XP-G2 R5 flux 3D tint 5000k 2.8-6 volts 5 levels *moonlight, low low, low, med, high* 1.5 amps only LOP Reflector Potted Surefire C2 Host TOTAL: $35.00 Paypal sent. Dave, I may have hit the send money button before I entered my order and CPF username in the...
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    Surefire® Modification Service: Bore + Bezel + Tailcap Options (P, C, Z and M Series)

    Please put me down for another C2: borebatch - N28 - C2 - $19 New Total: $60.00
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    Sold/Expired New Cree XP-G2 P60 Replacement Modules

    Re: XP-G2 / P60 STYLE MODULES / COOLWHITES & NEUTRALS XP-G2 R5 flux 1D tint 2.8-6 volts 1.4 amps 3 levels * high , med , low * Smooth reflector Potted Surefire host TOTAL: $35.00 Paypal Sent
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    Fenix tactical site down/gone ?

    Given what happened yesterday, I assumed the same thing. I just did a Whois search: They are registered with GoDaddy. And they are up and running again.
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    Surefire® Modification Service: Bore + Bezel + Tailcap Options (P, C, Z and M Series)

    CPF: PCS borebatch - N19 - Z2 - $18 borebatch - N20 - C2 - $19 1st Class Mail - $4 Total: $41

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