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    I have not posted in many years, But I read the posts from time to time. Since I got cancer I don't buy much anymore. I live just a few miles from the Sonoma county wild fires and I wish I could give those who lost their homes a simple AA light like a E20. I don't need anymore lights, I have...
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    Calling all TK41 users

    Thanks for the lead. I'm looking for a fully enclosed case but thanks for the reply. Alex
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    Calling all TK41 users

    Has anybody found a nylon case/pouch for the TK41? I've looked around and only found cases that were to big (camera lens). Thanks, Alex
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    Calling all TK41 users

    So tell us what you think about your TK41 I would like to hear from those who have one, what they think, how's the tint? General impressions? I just received mine and I can tell you with certainty that it is brighter than my E01, and not as bright as the sun. As far as tint goes it is...
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    1.6V NiZn complements 1.6V lithium primary AAs

    I am very interested these new batteries and have been trying to find out more about them. I emailed Powergenix asking about the characteristics of the cells, can they take being over discharged or left in the charger etc and received no response at all. I called ZTS (several months ago) to...
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    Fenix TK45 - anymore news on this new light?

    Has there been any word from Fenix about a release date? I am looking foreword to acquiring this light as I am a AA fan but never really liked the TK40. Alex
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    Are there any testers for NIZN AAs?

    I just gave ZTS a call and they said that they have not examined the new batteries yet. I may be a year before they run their tests for inclusion in their testers. This was an estimate only, not a promise. I also emailed PowerGenix and will have to see what they say. Alex
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    Are there any testers for NIZN AAs?

    I love my ZTS tester for my NIMH cells but I have not found anything comparable for NIZN cells. Has anyone found anything out there? Thanks, Alex
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    Anybody Else? MC-E 4xAA Batteries, 350-400 lumens?

    I really like the idea of a 4AA like the ProPoly with a triple Q5 or R2 setup. I have a triple cree with 17mm reflectors in a 2D maglite and it has great beam quality. I have a 3D with a P7 emitter that had the stock reflector modified and it had a terrible beam. I added a Fivemega reflector and...
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    Zebralight H501 Part 2

    I just got my H501s in the mail. One has a little more of a yellowish tint than the other, I like the whiter tint better. I am a little color blind and I am not able to distinguish any benefit to a warm tint. I really like the UI, I can get to any setting very easily and quickly. I would like...
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    Sold/Expired 2.5" THROW MASTER by Fivemega

    :paypal: for #97 gray Throw Master Thanks, Alex
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    30 LEDs, Li-polymer battery, $18.00

    I bought a cordless LED work light from Home Depot and I am surprisingly impressed. I could not find it on their website but this is very close The Home Depot light has a lithium battery instead of...
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    NiteCore D10 vs Fenix L1D Q5 Premium?

    I just received the D10 and have had a L1D w/smooth reflector (not Q5) for a while. The output is really close with the edge going to the D10 with better spill. The UI of the L1D is simple and easy to use, very fast to get to the different levels. The UI on the D10 is not as forgiving and if not...
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    Zebralight, WOW! I'm blown away!

    I bought a H50 and it has really surprised me. I have found it to be very useful. Most of what I want to use a headlight for is within a few feet and the even light is just fantastic. I am really looking forward to the H51 with the pushbutton interface and narrower spread of the H30. Thanks, Alex
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    Looking for a Arc AAA hat brim clip

    I would like to find a way to clip my Arc AAA onto my hat brim. The hard part is that I would like to be able to adjust the light up and down a little. Has anybody seen anything that does this? The Pelican VB3 is what I am thinking about as far as function goes. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks, Alex