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    Need Help Opening Surefire L5 KL5 head

    Anybody have any luck opening one of these up I want to put a Q5 in it rather than the lux V its got now. Its hard getting it open and I dont want to scratch the ano. Please help
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    I can't find a 2C Maglite anywhere.

    Me and addictedmatt worke at home depot and we are always in stock with 2c's...
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    Tiablo a9 thread size and count

    Does anybody know or can measure the size thread on the A9 where the head is attatched to the body?
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    Was my posted deleted about kaidomain???

    I was just commenting in curiousity why the site would sell the A9 so cheap?? $60 ?? is it real??? I am angry that the post was deleted as if I had some other intention..... Look at all my past posts I have never sold or promoted anything
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    BessieBenny's Budget LED (DX/KD etc) Flashlights Review Roundup (Part IV)

    $60 Tiablo A9.... Is this for real? Why is Kaidomain selling what is marketed as a flashlight worth over 100 bucks for $60 dollars?
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    Tiablo Bezel o-ring

    Anybody have a tiablo with a non gitd oring?
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    Tiablo Bezel o-ring

    I was just told by the tiablo rep that the proper size is 42mm, I then asked whether that was I.D and they said yes. Tell me this does not make sense because the lens on this is 41.8mm so the oring will fit right over top of it if it was 42mm....
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    Tiablo Bezel o-ring

    Would a 40mm x 1.5 mm oring be the appropriate size to replace the gitd ring on the tiablo a9?
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    Gone away are the days of the aleph series, e series surefire?

    It may be that aleph is still around and some developments have come out but not even a year ago they were the talk about light for led and for a reason. Same for e-series sf mods, all i see now is fenix beamshots and aspheric this and that which like i said have their place but a mcgizmo aleph...
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    Gone away are the days of the aleph series, e series surefire?

    Have not posted in a while but with all the new inovations in leds that still fit these legendary lights, why do people only seem to be talking about dorcy and mag and the like. I understand they have their place but I'd rather spend $200 on an aleph or sf then a mag any day. Come on Don why are...
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    Grounding the GD with the ground ring

    I mean the ring around the converter how does one go about soldering this to the can to ensure a good connection??
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    Grounding the GD with the ground ring

    How is this supposed to be soldered? Should a notch be cut to expose the ring hidden under the e can lip?
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    Mcr-20 seoul orangepeel

    Is the orange peel on this reflector more aggressive than the standard mcr-20?
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    mcr seoul vs regular mcr 20

    i mean is it worth me getting the mcr20seoul reflector or just use the mcr20 which fits better over the led.