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    darkest place you have ever been?

    Descending into an underground area of a municipal building where power was temporarily unavailable. As we walked down a ramp it got darker and darker until it was so completely pitch black that I started to feel disoriented and mildly ill. I didn't have a light on me at the time because I had...
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    True DC RMS Multimeter

    I think that an AC RMS meter would only be calibrated for sine waves (.707 of peak voltage IIRC). I don't know of a meter that can convert PWM into an equivalent DC voltage, however it might be something you can calculate using a digital oscilloscope.
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    IG Nobel prizes awarded

    I love these.
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    911- 20 years later, where were you?

    First of all, my deepest sympathy to all of those who lost loved ones on that day. I can't imagine what it must have been like for them to go through this. At that time, one of my jobs was maintaining some large outdoor "Jumbotrons" in a public plaza. The huge LED screens included a sound...
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    god im so old

    The bad news is that everything gets creaky and hurts more. The good news is that you develop more appreciation for small physical accomplishments.
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    Interesting Video Finds Part 4

    Making quiet versions of TV and movie props.
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    ok who is rocking the oldest computer?

    I have an old Lenovo beater of a laptop that's maybe 2017-ish. I suddenly needed to press it into service for something but with 4gb of ram on Win 10, it was unusably slow. So I added a 16gb module and... it was still unusably slow. WTH? Then I decided to boot it into Linux from a thumb...
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    LEP discussion thread: (White laser flashlights)

    What is the power output of the blue pump laser in these lights?
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    Cheers to Greg at "BrightGuy".

    I've always had great experiences with BrightGuy also.
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    god im so old

    It's funny how the body doesn't always warn you during the moment that you're overextending yourself. It waits until hours later or even the next day before it says "Yeah, you shouldn't have done that."
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    What was your best "thank God I have a flashlight with me" situation?

    Two situations: Recently when I got stuck in an elevator. The door closed and then... nothing. None of the buttons did anything at all. The door wouldn't open and the thing wouldn't move. A few minutes into this and the lights went out. I had my trusty PD36R on me at the moment. Several...
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    How many people still use light sticks

    I have an old infrared light stick that's still in it's package. I bought it purely out of curiosity because I was wondering whether it produced near-IR or longwave IR. I have no idea what they were originally intended for.
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    Regarding the "Important Rules And Guidance" in Administrative Announcements

    I've noticed an occasional straying towards ad hominem attacks during the more emotional discussions regarding Covid measures. This is the stuff that I try to recognize and not engage in, not for Covid or any other topic. None of us is perfect though, and the stress of the lockdowns and...
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    Hurricane Ida

    Earthcam live Bourbon Street
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    Things I've learned the hard way . . .(Part 2)

    I recently bought a light that requires a 21700 cell. It didn't come with one so I borrowed the Fenix-branded 21700 from my trusty PD-36R and it didn't fit lengthwise in the new light. I checked the label on the cell and it said 21700, So I looked up the specs for a 21700 and fount that it's...

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