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    2xAAA to Lithium replacement (side-by-side)

    You know, that's not that bad of an idea. Hrmm.... there's usually just so much capacity loss for smaller cells I was thinking doubling it. But that certainly would be easier.
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    2xAAA to Lithium replacement (side-by-side)

    I have a couple of devices that have AAA batteries in side-by-side (where both + and - are on top). Uses one of those dinky steel battery connectors on the bottom. Are there any lipo or similar setups where I could grind out some plastic and drop in a pouch battery? I could use a pair of LiIon...
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    Nichia LEP H11 headlight bulb

    Any luck? I'll buy one for modding.
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    Tritium reflector pmma

    Good morning I'm looking for knowledge if anyone has come across a spherical pmma collimator for tritium spheres. The other possibility is a small linear collimator. I'm trying to grab as much light from a tritium source and throw it's in a specific direction. The math of a parabola of a...
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    Viribright LED bulb - looking inside

    Do you have any closeups of the emitters? It appears to be 3,4, or 5 small (20ma) style in parallel within each diode. If thats the case, not a good choice for what I wanted. However if they're luxeon style large dies then they'd be grand for overdriving. Thank you.
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    Soraa Vivid 2 lighting: anyone have experience with it?

    I've got to get me one of these. I need 6500K, and went with Yuji emitters in a custom mcpcb. But I love the violet pumped dies ever since GE sent me samples years ago. Luminous efficiency is for LPS.
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    Viribright LED bulb - looking inside

    From the video- are those 3 dies in each LED? I don't suppose you can measure the Vf across the string- I'm guessing the dies are in parallel which (would) theoretically increase failure rates. Is there any heat pipe copper around the back of the arrays? I've always hoped someone would build...
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    I'll stick with my ebay crap.

    Write Cree. Problem solved. I wrote Phillips when one of their L prize bulbs went- I suspected a cap based on how it acted. I got a check for the purchase price a week later and a box to ship the failed unit back.
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    Home Depot choices for LED bulbs?

    I got all excited... I couldn't find a spectrum but did find one for a t8 retrofit. Unfortunately R9 was 5.5... I don't suppose you have access to a spectrophotometer... Or are near Rochester NY? :)...
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    Halogens Preferred Over LED Replacements

    OP still has only 1 post. Or I should say one that was deleted and then restored apparently for a class... There have been almost 2 dozen DOE articles on color in the past year. My point was someone took the time to cite links, called a specific brand product, and then disappeared...
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    Reverse aspheric with sapphire cover

    To give you a bit of context, I just lost my father, and I just returned from a baseball game with my son. I am wondering if anyone has done any builds within an asperic lens element that has been installed in the reverse direction. While watching the game with my five-year-old it occurred to...
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    Nitecore QC is terrible. Two dead EA41's!

    Yes. When their website started validating codes in English again they were authentic. The measured voltages matched my fluke. The materials or parts sourced for the power cord/(and as someone that has gone thru UL and esh reviews) was severely lacking. The chargers themselves have been fine...
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    safety of new t8 retrofits?

    Our facility has put in a few thousand. So far, no problems. We had 1 (that I know of) die ballast die, but that has been the only one so far. The bulbs used are Phillips T8s. You don't say who the manufacturer of the ones at 5000K are- I'd check that though and see if there is any teardowns...
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    Halogens Preferred Over LED Replacements

    I'd have to go with his being a troll. That information is so out of date and so... wrong... it just can't be un-informed.
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    Home Depot choices for LED bulbs?

    Cree has the TrueWhite bulbs and the TRueWhite cans- the bulbs are available in 3000k, the cans in 2700k. I really like them and I'm pretty damn picky.