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    Things that drove you nuts when you were younger,

    Oh, I know, the prices for bad food don't even seem like the bargain they were. (+ add doctor bills if you eat enough) I typically only got the biscuits when they had a 2 for 1 sale. I remember 2 for $2. It's 2 for $4 now.
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    Things that drove you nuts when you were younger,

    Getting to a fast food restaurant just after they suddenly said "no more biscuits! Just burgers! If you'd been here 1 minute earlier..." Now I think most of them don't do that any more. Also, I've largely lost my interest in fast food unless I'm out driving for hours to a vacation spot. Or...
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I'd probably get a SC53 with a LH351 but what's really sad is if they're truly discontinuing the SC5mkII. I liked that it was a little chunkier and more efficient than the 53. Also a good bit more expensive, but it got you something for the money. I never did get the "c" version of that so...
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    I'll say it again -- don't use alkaline cells!

    Basically, alkalines are fine if you store them in the package, and keep the package in a drawer that doesn't contain anything else that would have a problem if a bit of KOH got out. Install, use, remove within a week or two. I keep a set of alkaleaks in a ziploc next to the emergency device...
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    NiMH D cells?

    I recently bought an unreasonable number of EBL C and D LSD NiMH. They all test out close enough to their ratings. I had some Tenergy Centura but those cost a fortune and I hear they're not the same quality or mfg as they used to be like 10 years ago. EBL isn't Eneloop but they're not bad...
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    is zebralight sc5w ii the best aa light?

    Yeah, I have to admit that the Cree XP-L isn't the best LED for tint, and the "c" variant is particularly hard to love. I'm not willing to go through the trouble or expense to mod. I have a bunch of others I appreciate for tint. Lumintop Tool with Nichia, Convoy and Sofirn 1xAA with LH351D of...
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    is zebralight sc5w ii the best aa light?

    I just ordered my second SC5w mkII after reading on the other forum that it used a LTC3425 4-phase switcher chip and probably runs about 85-90% efficiency for power in: power out. I'd never seen any info from someone taking one apart to be able to find all that out (thefreeman did it, kudos to...
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    Why Buy All These Bulbs...

    Incandescent nostalgia? $15 worth of 3-cell PR bulbs that, really, I don't need. KPR103 and 130 in 10-packs because, why not? Also some vacuum PR versions. And a couple of HPR44 and a HPR53 because, though comparatively expensive, they might be neat. Back in 1985 I had a 6V lantern that...
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    Duracell Quantums discontinued !

    Discovered the secret of the Optimum is "Beta-delithated layered nickel oxide" Love patents. some discharge graphs in there that look familiar.
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    A PSA About LED Retrofits

    If I may offer some mundane technological quibbles: Battery & tech: Maybe this is a direct-drive vs regulated kind of argument: Keyless not only entry (love it) but RFID enabled start buttons (with no ACC position). $10 key replaced by $400 _battery powered_, questionably waterproofed...
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    Favorite maglite size

    I hate C batteries, but the 2 C is my favorite size. Have an old purple incandescent with a teal EverLED lambertian bulb in it. Don't use it much, but it's comfy. Just got a 3C incandescent I haven't tried. Thought about the 3C ML50LX but went for the 3D version this time. Wanted something...
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    What's your most trusted light?

    I guess any of the Zebralights? I mean, I have some real junk I _don't_ trust, but any of the good ones are fine and there are dozens of them. I have an old EDC clicky, but don't think it's better than the ZLs, and CR123? Really? That's so Y2K.
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    How many flashlights do you EDC?

    Just the old Fenix LD01 on my keys. NiMH in it, and I think an old lithium AAA in my bag. There's an AA Sofirn and extra lithium AA in the car. An 18650 Malkoff and Lumintop EDC05 at work. Maybe another 1xAAA LED. So, not much. Yet I "EDC" over a dozen fountain pens to work.
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    Flashlight recommendation for an old man

    What happened to those charge dock olights? I don't see them in the catalog any more. Always thought that'd be a great feature if I got one for a muggle. Even better, a wall-bracket charger, if I knew they'd be willing to put one on a wall (like a Streamlight stinger/strion). Now that...
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    Duracell Quantums discontinued !

    I have definitely had C and D cells leak. Energizer refused to pay for the destroyed Maglite because "the cells were past the expiration date", and I'd removed the cells from the device. I think the only reason I haven't seen many leaking larger cells is that I haven't used as many. As for the...