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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    MS03. Because it's bright, fun and why not.
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    Cost no object best rechargeable headlamp for hiking?

    Take a look at the Fenix HP25R before you choose.
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    Orange HDS

    I've always admired the orange model! Ideally with sapphire lens. Anybody willing to part with one?
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    Opinions on HDS flashlights.

    I have a couple new HDS lights, a rotary and a clicky. They are dependable and built to industrial-usage standards. They do not seem like a great value, until you hold one in your hand and use it regularly. The latest 320 lm versions address some of the output concerns. IMO, the HDS lights are...
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    Mechanic flashlight

    I use a headlamp and a few flashlights, but 95% of the time I'm in my garage with access to 120V and use an AC LED light!
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    Help me choose my next flashlight 2020

    Love my PD36R. It does not tail-stand! I don't have a TK22 but don't believe it tail stands either.
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    Lightweight 21700 Powered Headlamps?

    Once y'all answer this, I'm looking for a ultra-flyweight headlamp with a high-noon tint, that will accommodate a full-size 12-volt car battery internally. Thanks, LOL...
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    VideoReview: Fenix PD36R

    I bought a couple of these, great light, wonderful value, in light charging. It came down to this and the Olight M2R Pro, both really good.
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    VideoReview: Fenix PD36R VS Olight M2R PRO

    I also tried these two and chose the PD36R. Both great lights, with amazing battery life, the PD36R just came out as my favorite. .
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    Sold/Expired WTB: HDS Rotary or Clicky 325 with Flush Button and Sapphire Lens.

    So, nobody ready to part with one? Thanks anyway CPF!
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    EMISAR D4V2 TI QUAD 18650

    I'm loving this Ti/Cu light with Samsung battery, magnetic tailcap, clip and upgraded emitter for less than $100. The interface is easy to set-up and it is a strikingly beautiful light and IMO a great light for the $$! Of course the standard issue D4V2 in grey is a pretty light, and a screaming...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: HDS Rotary or Clicky 325 with Flush Button and Sapphire Lens.

    Either of the LED emitters will be fine, thanks. Prefer Black bezel and universal clip, but these are not a necessity.
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    Sold/Expired Sold - Fenix LD30

    Re: Fenix LD30 I'll take it.
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    Looking for a new EDC for work

    When I did this work I had a Streamlight Litebox and a Streamlight UltraStinger, both with charging cradles in my truck. My pocket EDCs included a Streamlight Microstream and Streamlight ProTac 2L. I also kept a couple of Streamlight Headlamps in my truck. Be safe out there.