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    Mag light head to LED

    I built one of those a while one ago too. Used a D-sized Maglite and cut the head, rethreaded it and got myself a D0 Maglite. You can find the CPF post here (some pictures are still up). As it was some time ago I'm also thinking about upgrading it. It has a warm XM-L inside, which is plenty of...
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    Ridiculed By Non-Flashlight Lovers

    For me I'm more ridiculed about the quantity than the quality/price of my flashlights. They always ask why I need that many flashlights.
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    What Your Favorite NITECORE flashlight in your collection?

    I would have to say it is the EX10. Still by my side after all those years ;-).
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    Best Flashlight Brand

    Thats a good question but I also think a rather individual one. For my part (based on my current and past collection) I would say: 1. JETBeam (depends on the specific flashlight) 2. Klarus (Mini Ti) 3. Tiablo 4. FourSevens 5. Nitecore
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    Klaruslight (GAW)GUESS PRICE TO WIN Klarus Aluminum H1A Headlamp

    Thanks again Klarus, I got the flashlight yesterday and got to play with it for a while. I will use it next time I will go jogging and will write a short review about it ;).
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    Holly molly - Nitecore Tini

    Same here, when I first read about the light I liked its size and design but without an at least neutral emitter I think it won't see alot of usage. Anybody already tried to swap the emitter?
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    New Nitecore EA42 - What Do You Think?

    I think if you want to save weight it is a nice option to have a high-powered flashlight but with light body. For me personally I would like to have a full-metal flashlight.
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    How do you power boost a lights stock driver?

    You also have to watch out as with an increased current you also increase the energy which is dissipated in the circuit and the emitter so you have to adjust the heatsinking if necessary.
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    Klaruslight (GAW)GUESS PRICE TO WIN Klarus Aluminum H1A Headlamp

    Thank you very much :thumbsup:. I just sent you a PM. I will write my opinion in this thread when I get the light ;). I actually was looking at the Titanium version for jogging but that was a tad too expensive for my opinion so I think this one is reasonable.
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    Klaruslight (GAW)GUESS PRICE TO WIN Klarus Aluminum H1A Headlamp

    I would guess $54,95
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    GEARBEST Giveaway on its 4th Anniversary: Imalent DN70 Grand Gift - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Re: GEARBEST's 4th Anniversary Giveaway Blast! Just post to join! Congratulations and keep on going ;-)
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    Turning cheap lights into monsters

    I did that once with a incan thrower. It had a big reflector I wanted to use so I bought a HID-kit for a car headlight and turned the incan flashlight into a HID-thrower. Turned out pretty good ;-). But when using high-power LEDs you have to watch out that they get enough heatsinking.
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    LED reflow soldering at home

    I had that too in my first tries. I think one problem could also be that there is to much solder and you have a short circuit under the emitter. What I do is get barely enough solder on the pad and the place the emitter on it and heat up the pad. In you case I would take of the LEDs which are...
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    Klarus Mini One Key Chain Flashlight Review

    Nice review :twothumbs I have this light in titanium for quiet some time now on my keychain I and really like it. It has a nice size, not to big and not to small, I can operate it well with one hand and it is bright enough. It will stay on my keychain for a long time.
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    Fenix VIDEO ADDED! NEW FD45 Compact Body, Wide-Range View: 900 Lumens!

    Re: NEW FD45 Compact Body, Wide-Range View: 900 Lumens! Quiet interesting especially the combination of 4xAA and flood-to-throw beam.