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    Prometheans Sign Up Thread

    #464 please!
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    The New Ti Light

    Had to sell off a number of my lights to fund for one, but boy it's worth it! I love my Ti Alpha (#464) and I love the new driver that goes with it.
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    Alpha + Delta Serial Number Registry

    Re: Alpha Serial Number Registry Hey folks! Titanium ICE Alpha #464 reporting in. Loving the Icarus driver
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    Only Tarnished Alphas Can Play

    The Daily-Carry since 2011
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    Promethean's who've seen the MC-E LED

    Jason installed an MC-E N-bin in my second Blue Label. What a light. About 620 lumens of pure white goodness. Throws a "wall of light" and lit up any room easily.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Just when I thought I have enough Malkoffs :)
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    Brightest primary CR123A flashlight with nice Clip?

    I have an MD3 with M91A. Figured that would give me at least 700 lumens sustained, and was using it on a walk through the woods at night near my in-laws' property. I brought my MDC Tac along coz it's my EDC, and tested both lights during the walk. I am pleased and surprised to find that 250...
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    I have a UB3T (the one with the clear middle TIR) and I can say for certain that it throws far, albeit you are throwing a bright white circle on target. At distance, and mid-range, there is little peripheral flood. In saying that, the Houndog uses a reflector thus you should get more...
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    500 Lumens E series LED Drop-In

    Have you looked at the MDC head by Malkoff Devices? His M61-series P60 drop-ins can be used on a n E-series light with the VME head. Edit: Not quite 500 lumens though. Close.
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    Tried and Tested Waterproof Flashlight

    I took my Prometheus Lights Alpha for SCUBA diving. It worked well untill I reach about 30 feet (according to my dive computer) where the water pressure forced the forward clicky tailcap to a constant on. I can't depress the button to change modes - hence it was stuck on High. Though, no other...
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    P60 questions

    The Pelican Case CR123 from Battery Station is a good deal too. Malkoff uses Battery Station cells in their lights.
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    I'd call him Shadow.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    I like how the Triad 'balances' the look on the 18650 HD. Somehow it looks proportional with the Triad.
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    Sold/Expired Sinner Customs - Tri-EDC's and more - this run CLOSED

    Re: Sinner Customs - Tri-EDC's and more. Not to mention, Cu is so cool as it kills bacteria, fungi, and virusses at molecular level. I digress. Got my doc friend a Cu Maratac AAA and he couldn't be happier!
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    Looks like a Streamlight weaponlight