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    there were on the beach some locals with music etc... and i used this light to let me find during the night some items i needed, it'a long story XD
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    REVIEW: NexTool “TaoTool” KT5509 (smart BOX OPENER)

    it is really usefull to me. since i got it i think i saved something inside the packages... at least i think!!
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    REVIEW: Imalent DDT40-2016v. (4x XM-L2 U4 + side leds 2x XP-L , 4x18650)

    at the moment, this just seems the little sister of the new 2 realeases... DT70 (16k lumens) and the DX80 (32k lumens) :devil:
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    i used the glo toob during the 14 august night here in italy and some people asked me "what kind of light is it??.. a fisherman light??" :oops:
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    REVIEW: NEXTORCH K3 (XP-G2 R5 , 2xAAA) and K20 (XP-G2 R5 , 1xAA)

    i noticed that not many people have bought these flashlights... maybe just because lithium flashlights are preferred? of course i am also a fan of 18650 flashlights :grin2:
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    REVIEW: NEXTORCH GL10 (nichia led , built-in battery 180 mAh)

    this little flashlight is still one of my favourite... not for the output power but for the size
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    REALISTA: my reviews list

    it hope it's interesting for you
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    REVIEW: SingFire SF-348 BLF edition (Nichia NVSW219BT-V1 , 1xAAA/10440)

    Hi, u think that it's possible but you need to have the right skills to change the led,and would be better in multimode but it does only have 1 mode and maybefor these easy tasks like searching little things at home it is preferable to just have 1 click and the full brightness..... ;)
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    Mecarmy SGN7 review

    how much mah for the battery? 380 or 578? the usb tester only calculater the mah rated at 5 VOLT........ but being rater 3,6v the battery, the reaal mah are HIGHER, and after all you should sum about 30% more power lost into charging circuit. i could suppose they inserted about 1000mah 3,6v...
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    PowerNovo Special Design for tactical market - PT11 1100lumens LED Flashlight

    nice design....and accessories seem really well made
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    Best wishes to all CPFer

    a happy new year
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    is a li-po 4s 14.8v, the CHEAPEST WAY to jump start a car (with dead battery) ??

    i was wondering if it could be the CHEAPEST way to jump start a car. What do you think? I 've recently seen that most of jump starter are using these kind of battery configuration inside: A) li-po 3s with nominal voltage 11.1, real MAX voltage on fully charged (4,2v x3) 12,6v B) li-po 4s with...