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    The Lounge 2022

    Happy New Year! MT90 Plus Vn: Still Rocks!
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    New Years resolutions

    I really should make a new years resolution to stop listening to the blues rock and grunge that I love so much, and listen only to upbeat music that I sometimes sort of like. That means less Dazed And Confused, Communication Breakdown, How Many More Times, Come As You Are, Paranoid, etc, and a...
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    i wish i could go in this building and shine my lights

    “they claim she drags people down” “She is calling from the deep, Summoning my soul to endless sleep. She is bound to drag me down, Drag me down.” The Nile Song. Pink Floyd.
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    Do your left and right eyes see the same tint?

    No, but my eyes are balanced; it's my hemispheres that are unbalanced. Every four to eight years I switch the blame to the other hemisphere. Currently, I blame my left hemisphere.
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    The Lounge 2021

    Yes. Log in to the Administrator Control Panel, click the thread, then slide the Sticky Topic slider to the desired position. This works great if you have ACP access on the official forum for the worlds best paid anti virus product. I don't know if this works on this forum, but it's worth a try...
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    The Lounge 2021 Светодиод: 14 светодиодов Luminus SBT-90.2 Максимальная яркость 50 000 люменов; Режимы работы: 6 уровней яркости + специальный сигнальный режим Стробоскоп Аккумуляторная батарея: 8...
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    The Lounge 2021

    Yes! That is why I have kept all of my older classic Vinh lights, because they have a greater quantity of happy memories than my newer ones have. I like to fantasize about all of them being upgraded with SBT90.2. Imagine a Meteor M43 12 x SBT 90.2 Vn! I also like to think how far we have...
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    The Lounge 2021

    The former. I blame it on the decline and fall of human civilization. But... I have my FW21aPro 90.2vn, MS06vn, 2x NSX53vn, MT90 Plus vn, HK90 vn, D18vn, KR1 90.2vn, MT07 vn, 2xMS03vn, FW21Pro vn, FW4a vn, FW3a vn, D4V2vn, K75vn, E4K vn, TM9K vn, MMU-X3 50.2vn, MS18vn, R90TS vn, X45vn, 2x...
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    What happened to post and response?

    It looks like that topic was deleted. The original poster was a copy/paste artist.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    The second floor mens' room urinal was clogged. I cut out five feet of vertical ABS drain pipe, and shined my D4V2 W2 in one end of the pipe, to see how much it was clogged. Only a little bit of light came out the other end of the pipe.
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    deer are jerks

    Packs of stray dogs in Moscow have learned how to use the subway system.
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    New Fenix Catalog 2022 Error: Certificate date invalid. Link no open on Windows Firefox, Chrome nor iOS Safari.
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    rip Michael Nesmith im heart broken

    I love the flamenco-ish guitar solo on Valleri. And the hits just keep on comin', in Heaven.
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    wow flashlights now have comption for my love?

    To me, flashlights are the most spiritual things in the secular world. To me, there are only three things less lovely than flashlights: God, ecclesiastical things, and people.
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    Help me pick, please!

    You're welcome. If you want lots of runtime, lots of lumens and lots of throw, then you are looking at a big light. The R90TS has all of that, eight 21700 batteries, oodles of throw and oodles of power. Not a budget item. GT94 is awesome, too, but no in-light charging. X70 is totally awesome, too.