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    Do you make a name for your flashlight just as what you did to your pet?

    I have not, but I may go for it. Zeus, Diesel, Duke, Jax, Killah, Bullit, Axel, Tank.
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    What is your favorite 26650 flashlight?

    The first of 51 real performance flashlights that I bought, and the most recent one are 26650. In chronological order: 1. Four-Sevens MMU-X3. Oct. 2014, 1,600 lumens, 26650, 3 x XML2. 8. Acebeam EC50vn spec 1. 26650, XHP70. May, 2016; 3100 lumens. 22. 47s MMU-X3vn 3 x XHP50.2, one-off, Dec...
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    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    If I carry an absolute minimum of one flashlight during the day, and two or more at night for seven years, but they are not the same lights every day, then I edc a flashlight, but not the same exact physical specimen. If I listen to the same CD over and over, is that OCD?
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    Where are the flashaholics?
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    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    I like to rotate my edc lights, the oldest is seven years old, and the newest is three weeks old. 1. Four-Sevens MMU-X3. Oct. 2014, 1,600 lumens, 26650, 3 x XML2. 7. Olight S2 Baton. 18650, XML2. Feb. 2016, ~1,000 lumens. 8. Acebeam EC50vn spec 1. 26650, 70. May, 2016; 3100 lumens. 14...
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    Where are the flashaholics?

    This one should be good: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Yes, it also has normal modes for normal runtime and normal heat management.
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    Lumintop GT94vn - Quad SBT90.2 Ultra Output Thrower

    Will you offer both the four-cell and eight-cell tube? The other forum is all abuzz about whether or not the X version has more throw than the original version. The jury is still out about if the 8 cells provide more performance than the 4 cell tube. I will keep an eye out for your specs on the...
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    Help! My signature Isn't Showing!

    I liked the optional check box: "Do not show your signature. " I would take care to not show my signature when I was excitedly posting often in a thread, such as when the X65 came out. Also, some people don't list their lights in a signature, to facilitate better google search results. My...
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    sub lumen night hiking!

    Avoid getting worse night vision by eliminating anything that is not a health food. Anything that is not a health food will cause increased risk for diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, hypertension, and elevated fat and sodium levels that will make your vision worse.
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    What do you use a flashlight for the most?

    Sometimes I use mine to see dates on coins, etc., etc., But most of the time I use my flashlights to just feel more happy while I am down here.
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    Help! My signature Isn't Showing!

    I see your signature for your post right here, iPhone, in landscape aspect.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I got two of them, and the MS06, too. I like lights that have exciting, daring, semi-unique configurations.
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    Noctigon KR1vn - Highest Performance 18650 Compact Thrower R

    Me too. My KR1vn90 is one of my most exhilarating lights. Non-flashies are amazed at what it does per size. I am amazed at the amount of power and throw this screamer has.
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    MATEMINCO MT70 MINI SFN55.2 6800lm 26500/21700 Flashlight Group Buy

    The beam profile and performance are just as nice as I envisioned them to be. The single powerful emitter in a medium size reflector provides a very nice combination of throw, power, hotspot size, and just the right amount of usable spill that’s not too dim or too bright. I showed this...