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    Peak Eiger without QTC?

    We can make any light without the QTC .. there is a comment section in the order process .. make a note that you would like it Non QTC or contact me directly at [email protected] .. we will take care of it. Best, Robyn
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    Peak Eiger without QTC?

    We can custom make a lot of options .. way too many list via website .. There is a comments section on the order form .. you can note what you would prefer there .. or you can contact me directly via my email .. [email protected] or [email protected] Best, Robyn
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    QTC differences

    It sounds to me like an older version of the QTC / Body combination. If you can send me the bodies, I can modify them for you and reinstall the QTC. Peak LED Solutions 519 W. Lone Cactus Dr Ste 204 Phoenix, AZ 85027 Please put a note inside - with your name and return address and I will take...
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    Peak Update

    Hi Everyone .. A quick note to let anyone who is awaiting an order or a response to an email etc. Peak will be closed this week and be back at it Monday October 13th. As you know, we are a small family business ... we will be spending this week preparing for my mother's "Celebration of Life"...
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    how to contact Peak?

    Apparently we might be having some email issues.. if ANYONE doesn't receive a response from me within a day or two..please try my yahoo account... from above... Not sure why .. I receive and reply every day to emails received to [email protected] .. if anyone has a problem..try...
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    how to contact Peak?

    Not sure why .. I receive and reply every day to emails received to [email protected] .. if anyone has a problem..try [email protected]
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    Peak physical address?

    Peak mailing address is now: Peak LED Solutions 519 W. Lone Cactus Dr. Ste 204 Phoenix, AZ 85027
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    Peak Email

    Hi all..been awhile since I have visited sorry.. a lot going on. We have had some horrible email issues of late..I think I have finally resolved the issues..please be patient as I now field through 500+ emails..argh! Trust me I will address every question .. Best regards - Robyn
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    Getting in touch with PEAK

    Please keep in mind, yes this is our physical address, but it is NOT a store is a manufacturing facility. If you are going to be in town and would like a tour ... please make an appointment, and no children's just not safe. Thank you.
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    Getting in touch with PEAK

    I will send some of the Delrin battery caps to Bob with my next shipment... If you send me a SASE with a note of o-ring sizes and battery tube sizes you would like donuts for, I will take care of it. Mailing address: 29834 N. Cave Creek #118-249 Cave Creek, AZ 85331 Robyn
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    Phones / Internet

    Hi all - Wanted to advise that we are having some technical difficulties with our phone lines and internet service - having a tech out tomorrow to go over system - I hope to have everything all fixed some time tomorrow. Will keep you advised. Robyn
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    Eiger #0 and Eiger #Sub Zero arrived!!!

    You all are so funny!! Thanks for the smiles!! Have a great weekend :) Robyn
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    wrong light shipped

    Thank you :) I still want this thread closed - no sense feeding the fire - Night all !! Robyn
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    wrong light shipped

    You got it Olrac - that was quick - guess there are a lot of John Wayne fans around !! Oh and movie was Big Jake!! Robyn
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    wrong light shipped

    Okay since I have gone way passed steamed I need a stress relief - let's have some fun! First person that PM's me the Actor and Movie for the below quote wins an Eiger of their choice :) "Son, since you haven't learned to respect your elders, it's time you learn to respect your betters" I...