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    And a good day to you!

    Hi Dave, Glad to have you!
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    Howdy from Lancashire.

    Hi Tuggles. Looks like you caught us asleep for a couple of days there. Welcome aboard!
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    Hello from West Yorkshire, UK

    Hi Andy Welcome aboard!
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    Hi Steel ! happy to have you on board.
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    New Member

    Hello and welcome!
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    New member

    Hello and welcome Alan.
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    Old guy with flashlights

    Hello and welcome! I'm sure everything you have is pretty upgradeable and will far exceed your expectations!
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    Hi from Chicago

    Hi Plan B. Looking forward to seeing your creation. I'm a hugs fan of the AA format!
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    New guy on forum

    Hello CW! Glad to have you on board!
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    SOLD - Surefire L2 & L5

    L5 Sold! Thanks all!
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    FCW #17 - A Flashaholic Get Together in NJ - Oct. 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

    I cant expressed how disappointed I am to not have been able to make it. Spent the Saturday afternoon and evening at my buddy's "celebration of life" that was supposed to go from went on into the evening after traveling to a few favorite haunts and reliving good times! I had hoped to...
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    SOLD - Surefire L2 & L5

    PM's replied to.
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    Streamlight Stylus AAAA

    I used these quite a few years ago. The only place I could find batteries was at Radio Shack. Once they went away I kind of stopped looking at these...
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    New guy from ~Atlanta

    Welcome aboard!
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    New on the forum

    Welcome to CPF Frippe! If we could get a pocket clip on that, that would be great!