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    [LRB-368DL] Rebuild Tech...

    Bump. C'mon, fellers! Surely there's someone who can shed some light on this issue(?) Please.
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    [LRB-368DL] Rebuild Tech...

    06/24/16: Hey - I'm gonna try this once more. Years ago I bought a used Wolf Eyes BOXER 10W/24W HID light. It uses a huge cylindrical battery pack that forms ( the outer barrel of the light. The tail cap incorporates a ring of LED"s on the end for battery level...moonlight and more...
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    Klaruslight How could possible that 1 AA flashlight drive to MAX 700 LUMENS???

    +1 for this answer. Also wold be interested to discover whether it has a "nub" on the POS contact or a flat disk...because I have a handful of 14500 cells without a button top and they won't work in three of my lights.
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    Wolf Eyes Boxer 24W review with beamshots and images

    Really?! THAT'S exciting!! This fine fellow tried and failed to rebuild his long ago: Before disassembly it looks like this: Of course the tailcap is attached in these pics. And yes - it...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Wolf-eyes bm-168 battery magazine

    I've been posting her & there on CPF lately about MY Boxer, because MY Boxer came with a single/sealed battery that is integrated into the body. And since I cannot locate a replacement...I've been hoping to discover: a) whether people believe the newer-version body (and 3-cell carrier) would...
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    Wolf Eyes Boxer 24W review with beamshots and images believe the 3-cell carrier will function with the older-style head...AND that the three components (new body, carrier and clicky tailcap) are available separately from the rest of the kit.Would you be able to link to a retailer to whom I might reach out to get this ball rolling please Sir?
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    Wolf eyes Shark 1 battery pack performance.

    Greetings and happy 2016! It is now early March, and a (not so) young man's thoughts turn to...batteries! I still have my Boxer, and the pack is still essentially dead, and I'm still trying to resurrect it somehow. Elsewhere on CPF I have recently posted about this, and I'm waiting for some...
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    I Need Battery Pack Rebuild Advice, Please... In post #18 I have outlined my issue. User 'harro' has kindly suggested that perhaps someone here might be able to offer assistance/counsel. To clarify - the body (barrel) of my light...
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    Wolf Eyes Boxer 24W review with beamshots and images

    Indeed. Hopefully someone can provide this info. I'm guessing my integrated pack contains three cells...and that they're in series, but I am only guessing. And indeed I am very leery about attempting a rebuild of the pack myself. I've read a little about that, and the soldering sounds a little...
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    Wolf Eyes Boxer 24W review with beamshots and images

    Yes - I know. What I need is advice re: swapping MY head onto a current version body & tail cap.
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    Wolf Eyes Boxer 24W

    I want (need) to get in touch with this amazing Mike fellow. I realize some time has passed, but I'm desperate for a solution. Can someone please post some additional info? I'd also appreciate hearing from user: Lumalee please
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    Wolf Eyes Boxer 24W review with beamshots and images

    Mar 2016: My battery has died, and I've had no luck finding a replacement. I see that now sells this light with a clicky and a battery magazine that holds three LRB-168 cells. I'm wondering... 1) any ideas on where to find an OE replacement pack 2) how successful I might be swapping in...
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    Question about a new De.Power DP-024AACR Flashlight

    I too would be interested in this information. I ordered the 2 x AA model (which in pictures does NOT appear to have a barrel extension, btw) and I am curious to learn of other battery options. TIA
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    Wolf eyes Shark 1 battery pack performance.

    Okay - I found a site that's selling them for U$119, but I'm still waiting for their confirmation of inventory. That aside, $119 seems pretty steep for a three-pak of 18650's and a ring of LED's. I wish I could just send my pack somewhere to have it rebuilt! Quite frankly I am beginning to...