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    Would You Lend Anyone Your Flashlight ?.

    A stranger...OH hell to the NO..Immediate family...would really depend which one asked, and that's just for one of my Maglites.
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    I would think any third gen Maglite led would work well and run for days.
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    Black Friday 2021: what light(s) did you purchase?

    WOW..You guy's can still afford flashlights? I bought a pair of Maglite Solitaire's an Led and a Ican Nov of last year.
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    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    Don't pocket carry I have a belt holster carrying a Atactical A1, don't like a lot of junk In my pockets.
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    usa flashlights? would it really cost a lot more to make a flashlight in the usa?

    Now days the best you can hope for Is "Assembled In the USA"
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    Your favorite / best / coolest / nicest flashlight of 2021?

    The last two I bought were a couple of Maglite Solitaire's one Incandescent and an LED version..back In late 2020...thank you "Bud Lite virus" but, of the two I'd say I like the LED one best. had to save my money to stock up on toilet paper..for some reason.
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    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    ThruNite T30S bought back In 2014 (7 years) still gets In to my EDC rotation. Mostly because 9.4 lumens for 95 hours and when off the mode button Is instant strobe just press and hold and It does a comfortable 150 lumens ceiling bounce for 7 hours.
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    What do you use a flashlight for the most?

    Mostly for finding that tiny piece of whatever I just dropped on the dark red carpet.
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    What happened to good 9 volt flashlights?

    I replace my 9v smoke alarm batt"s every year they always check out as good on the tester so I figured why not use them.