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    Am I the only one who drives the speed limit?

    I drive with the flow of traffic which varies from road to road but generally within 10-15% of the speed limit. In these parts sticking to the posted speed limit, when it's safe to do otherwise, isn't viewed kindly by most drivers.
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    Victorinox Huntsman and Huntsman "Lite"

    Black Compact is my basic travel knife. Easily pocketable with all the tools I need. Even has a pin for popping blisters from long hikes!
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    How's The Weather There ?

    So glad we joined our daughter & family who moved here. Like turning the clock back 50 years from our life in Crimefornia!
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    Oldest LED lights you own

    From about 2005 I think...
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    How's The Weather There ?

    Days in the low 40s, teens at night. Beautiful when the sun's out.
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    Binge worthy series

    That was the big misfire in an otherwise exceptional series. Loving Sheridan's traditional anti-woke writing that's garnering big viewership numbers while being buried by the liberal press 👌
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    The new ipad wtf?

    I bought the iPad Air when it came out and gave it to my grandson a few years later when the Air 2 came out. Both still going strong on original batteries.
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    Binge worthy series

    We loved 1883. Looking forward to Yellowstone Season 5 next month.
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    Name the most important thing you have found out in your life!

    For me, my family is everything
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    [REVIEW] Bug-A-Salt 3.0 bugasalt salt gun review

    I've dispatched probably hundreds of flies this year with my arsenal. With the weather change, the flies will be gone in a couple days and I'm sure gonna miss the target practice.
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    why so much hate towards electric cars?

    Well there's this...
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    Those tunes that get stuck in your head

    The background tune from my Grandson's Wii game. Kinda sounds like a Steely Dan's FM.
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    iOS 16-iPhone 14

    I bought a 13 Pro earlier this year and it's a great device. For my purposes, the 14 Pro doesn't add anything I need, and no IOS 16.0 issues so far...
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    [REVIEW] Bug-A-Salt 3.0 bugasalt salt gun review

    Remind me not to go shooting with you :rolleyes: Just bought another one so I can have one inside & outside :xyxgun: