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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    One of the ways I used to employ to get cords inside is pool noodles or foam pipe imsulation. Cut a slit for the cord to pass through, cut the pool noodle snugly to the width of your window, and close the window down on it. A seperate piece tucked in the gap between the top of the bottom pane...
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    What happened to good 9 volt flashlights?

    I believe the drop in's you're thinking of were Pal Lights. The snap-on-top PakLites are of high quality in my opinion and run forever, for what that's worth.
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    FCW #17 - A Flashaholic Get Together in NJ - Oct. 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

    If you look below at "similar threads" you'll see threads dedicated to past FCW's. Should be good pics in the last couple pages of each thread.
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    FCW #17 - A Flashaholic Get Together in NJ - Oct. 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

    I would love nothing more than to attend, but Saturday is the Pennsylvania deer archery opening day. I'll be in a tree... 😊 🦌
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    best place to get cheap cargo pants

    Cheaper Than Dirt- Plenty of military surplus clothing, not just United States stuff.
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    What was your prep for today?

    I'll add two cents: There's an old adage that says you only own what you can carry at a dead run. Having left the comfort of my home after waking from a deep sleep at 4:15am finding it on fire, I have to concur. It was literally 90 seconds from under the covers to standing in my driveway...
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    darkest place you have ever been?

    Flip a coin. Howe Caverns as a kid or the middle of the Iraqi desert. No artificial light for miles and miles...
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    How many flashlights do you EDC?

    Depends. If I'm in my house or outside on my property briefly, just one. If I'm driving at night locally and am generally within a 2 minute walk to my car (Where there are several lights), just one. If we're heading out of town, two on me and my usual assortment in the truck.
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    911- 20 years later, where were you?

    I so hope that you're right, Mr. Fixer. It's not just that we can't forget, we need to teach a new generation not only about 9/11, but about September 12th. Unity. Common purpose. We were Americans before anything else. One people. Brothers. All the noise that seperated us faded away. THIS needs...
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    911- 20 years later, where were you?

    I had called off that day, our washing machine was leaking like crazy. Bad water pump. There is an appliance part store a half mile from where I worked, so I drove down anyway. Bought my part, it was coffee break time so I figured I'd stop in to BS. Watched what was going on on the TV in our...
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    Looking to upgrade an E1e

    See Tana SingLed in the marketplace. Choice of emitters, etc. He's in Bosnia, but has done business here for a long time, is reputable, and trustworthy. See thread here...
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    god im so old

    The more years go by the more true this becomes...
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    Streamlight Polytac X: Now with pics for Modernflame and Chauncey Gardiner

    These days, if it isn't 2500 lumens with a choice of emitters and a ramping UI, it gets no press and no love. No worries, more for me... 😊
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    **WTS: McLuxIII T (Ti Twisty)**

    I know the world has had one less of these lights since Feb of 2018 when my house burned to the ground. Remains were found and flown to Hawaii for disposal, there was no saving it. So, this one is just a little bit more rare... 😉