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    Prayers for all those in the fire areas in CA...STAY SAFE

    I agree with most of what you said. I've lost most of my respect for the firefighters that first responded to Yorba Linda. A few neighbors had stayed back and started fighting every ember that came by with their garden hoses. They said a firetruck was at the bottom of their street (about...
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    Prayers for all those in the fire areas in CA...STAY SAFE

    His neighbors told me when they were leaving their homes many firetrucks were stationary doing nothing. On the news, many reporters stated that it was if they abandoned Yorba Linda. It was very odd the way his neighbors described the firefighters, it was if they didn't give a damn. Memories...
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    Prayers for all those in the fire areas in CA...STAY SAFE

    We appreciate it... My brothers home just burned down... with his lambo in it. The horrible part is NOT ONE SINGLE firefighter OR police officer came to check up on the neighborhood he was in. He was sleeping and everyone in the world was calling him but his lazy *ss didn't want to pick it...
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    ~**The NiteCore Extreme Picture Thread**~

    I'd like to add that Epoxy is really sticky, again think of honey. The more you "touch" anything the more spots you're going to have to clean, and that is no fun. Enjoy. :candle:
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    ~**The NiteCore Extreme Picture Thread**~

    When I first received this light I loved everything about it except for the horrible "clip" design, rather, the body design. If you use your clip then there's a 99.99% chance your clip will get "stuck" in your pants. I made a fix and am happy to share it with everyone. 1) Remove clip 2) I...
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    DX Orders Not Appearing!

    If you order anything from DX expect to wait 3 weeks to a month for any signs of delivery.
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    how many flashlight do you have lost?

    Lost my Surefire L4 a while ago while taking the dogs around the park. I have yet to see a light with such perfect flood as my L4 had even with all of these new "super bright" LEDs... Q4/Q5 ect. I want an upgraded L4 with 2x the brightness (don't ask for throw, that's not an L4)
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    hot surefire e2d

    From personal experience I can tell you everything you described is normal. The smell is most likely the lithium batteries, you'll get used to it. The newer Cree lights that surefire has don't get as hot as the older versions. If you ever pick up an L4 make sure to keep moving or have some...
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    Energizer 1 AA Hardcase LED "Fading"?

    I've never had an LED light do this before. I recently purchased a Energizer 2x AA Hardcase (with a 5mm led in it) and when you turn it on for over a few seconds and turn it off the led fades out instead of instantly turning off. What causes this?
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    Hanging My L1 Up With Magnets

    Thanks for the info everyone. I was only curious because of how strong these magnets are. I don't want to damage any cells or lights because i'm enjoying my magnets :ohgeez:
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    Hanging My L1 Up With Magnets

    Can you hang CR123a, NiMh & Alkaline cells with magnets? Will it cause any damage? Thanks for your replies!
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    Hanging My L1 Up With Magnets

    Will a Super Strong Rare Earth Magnet harm my Surefire L1 Cree in any way? (battery/electronics) I purchased a bunch of rare earth magnets and want to have my L1 hanging next to me on the wall. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Anyone Like The Surefire L4?

    It was my first "real" flashlight. I carried it for over a year and lost it. Now I have a L1 Cree, almost as good but not quite. I miss it.
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    SF M6 what?

    There's a lot of nasty stuff there. I have no idea what it is but someone else on the forums got really sick from a CR123a battery vent. Be safe.
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    Novatac 120P/T or Surefire L1?

    Can anyone with both show a side by side comparison? I believe the L1 is smaller and less cumbersome but have yet to pick up a novatac. The L1 tailcap is probably the best design i've seen to date.